People With Real Integrity Have These 10 Subtle Character Traits

Integrity is one of the most important qualities a person can have. But what is it really? Well, integrity can be labelled as a lot of things.

Some people think integrity is just doing the right thing, and some people think it is doing the right thing when nobody’s watching. People with true integrity don’t just do the right thing to be labelled as a good person. People with integrity do the right thing because it is right, and that’s it. They don’t expect any gratitude or compliments. A person with integrity will pick their worst enemy up off the ground when they have fallen. Some people might mistake this as weakness, but it is actually strengths.

If you think you are a person of good integrity, you should have these traits. People with good integrity practice these things as a way of life. Integrity is doing the right thing for the benefit of society, not themselves. Positive change starts with one person at a time, so why not be the leader? In a world full of followers there is few leaders, and those we have aren’t leading us in the right direction. Start by picking up a piece of trash and asking someone how their day was. Not to get a reward, but to genuinely find out.

A Person of True Integrity Has These 10 Traits


The Give Credit Where it is Due

A person of integrity will never steal someone else’s shine. When they notice something they like, they are sure to give compliments. They do not ever judge people because they are well aware that nobody is perfect. Instead, they teach using their actions.

They Are Humble

People of integrity are very humble. They are never going to deny an error they made or blame anything on someone else. They do not mind doing the dirty work and often times they’’ help out for free. Just helping someone is enough to make them happy.

They Know When to Apologize

We all know that none of us are perfect. We can’t avoid making mistakes, but we can fix them. We all mess up from time to time, but our egos tell us we don’t. The truth is we do, and it takes integrity to know when to apologize and admit to our faults. We don’t like to believe we are flawed, but we are.

They are Aware of People’s Mistakes

When someone does something out of character and hurts us, it can be hard to understand. However, a person with integrity understands that other people make mistakes. They are quick to forgive, which actually benefits them more than anyone.

They Always Give the Benefit of the Doubt

Don’t take a person of integrity for granted, ever. They will give you the benefit of the doubt, but only until you prove them wrong. Being able to give people the benefit of the doubt doesn’t make you weak. It means you are strong and you believe in people, just like you’d want the to believe in you.

They Take People’s Word

You’ll never have to work hard to convince someone who has integrity. They trust people when they say something because they are honest people. They expect others to be honest too, and continue to until proven otherwise. Pinky promises aren’t necessary here. People with integrity will just take your word.

They Volunteer for Good Cause not Benefits

People with integrity see the real benefits of volunteering without pay. Doing volunteer work benefits society as a whole, which includes yourself. When they do something nice for you, they will never expect something in return.

They can Disagree without Arguing

Arguing and disagreeing are two completely different things. When we argue it causes conflict and negative feelings. A person with integrity never puts others down for the way they feel or what they believe. They just express their points and call it a day. We don’t have to agree on everything, but are all entitled to our own feelings.

They Never Take Advantage of You

People with integrity will never be friends with someone just because of how they benefit them. In the modern day world it can hard to tell when your friends are actually friends, or if they just like benefiting from you.

They’re Honest

Telling lies just gets everyone in a mess. It doesn’t fix anything and it makes it all worse. When a person with integrity messes up, because we all do, they aren’t afraid to admit it. They will never tell a lie to protect themselves.

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