People with Rh- Blood Type Are Not 100% from This World.

Most people have probably heard of the four most common blood types (A, B, AB, or O), but it’s less likely that you’re familiar with the “Rh antigen.” In written form, antigens appear after the main blood type (A, B, etc.) to differentiate between blood types further; most blood types are marked with a “+” antigen, but there are some blood types to which this antigen does not apply. What’s more, when the Rh antigen protein is lacking in a blood type, some people have speculated that this could reveal the blood originated from a non-human species.

Even though this may seem outlandish on its face, many scientists have argued that it is entirely possible that human beings originated from early-life on Mars (or from early materials from Mars); so although the theory is far from being proven, it is also far from being implausible. Only approximately 15% of the human population possesses this unique blood type in question, and its evident rareness has certainly added weight to many predictions. Moreover, people with RH- blood type can donate blood to those with RH+ blood type, but those with RH- blood type themselves can only accept donations from other people who possess RH- blood type; these are peculiar circumstances to say the least, but they have been proven true time and time again.

The majority of human beings with RH- blood type all live in Northern Europe—but their origins beyond that are completely unknown (and not for lack of verification efforts!). Stranger yet, people with RH- blood type have been observed to be more emotionally and physically aware than most other human beings; this means that they are likely capable of sensing forms of energy which other humans cannot, and are in fact probably capable of many things in general which normal humans are not. More evident are the distinct physical characteristics of most people with RH- blood type: most of them have naturally red (orange) hair, and green or blue eyes. More specifically (and more surprisingly), these people also tend to have lower body temperatures than most human beings, and they are also more sensitive to high temperatures as a result of this.

For women with RH- blood type in particular, normal life is even more odd and complex; when these women attempt to give birth to a child with RH+ blood type, the mother’s body usually attempts to kill the fetus. It turns out that this is a “natural” reaction when these two blood types interact with each other in such ways, although there is nothing conclusive that explains why this is natural—which seems highly unnatural, to say the least! One theory is that the mother’s body can sense that the fetus or baby will be a hazard to the mother if it is allowed to be born, but, again, more extensive research is required.

It’s difficult to image what the global reaction would be if it turns out that people with RH- blood type really did originate from somewhere other than Earth—which would, in essence, make them aliens. It definitely seems like even though finding out the truth would be historic and monumental, the next question (and the more significant question) should be “what should humankind do if there are aliens living and breeding among us?”

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