Photographer Shoots Formula 1 With 104-Year-Old Camera, And Here’s The Result – EWAO

The world of photography is absolutely amazing. The fact that we have mastered the technology to capture a moment in time is amazing in itself. However, the creations and uniqueness of people’s photography have gotten more and more amazing.

Of course, you can go buy a thousand dollar camera and the photos you take with it will look amazing, no doubt. However, it requires real skill to take photos with old cameras and have them still turn out amazingly. This photographer has certainly mastered the skill of photography, and the photos he’s been taking with a 104-year-old camera are amazing! The camera is a 104-year-old Graflex 4×5 view camera. Most modern day cameras can take 20 pictures per second, but this camera can only take 20 pictures total. The eye that Joshua Paul has for detail is stunning.

Paul used his 100-year-old camera to take some breathtaking photos of a rapid sport – F1 Motor racing. He was inspired to do so after seeing a 1969 magazine containing pictures of that year’s indy 500. The original photographer took photos of the event deliberately blurry and out of focus, and this is exactly the style that Paul is trying to recreate – but using the modern F1 cars as models. He began shooting F1 racing at the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix, but he now launched a new magazine called Lollipop. His magazine outlines Grand Prix racing events for F1 enthusiasts. You can check out some photos below.




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