Physicist Michio Kaku: We May Soon Meet Aliens

The American theoretical physics professor Michio Kaku, famous for the revolutionary string theory has said that before 2100 we will find alien life exists, despite the fact that to aliens, humans are nothing more than forest animals.

Still, Kaku explained, “For the most part, the aliens are not going to be interested in us because we’re so arrogant to believe that we have something to offer them.”

Whether or not we are alone in the universe is one of the most discussed topics on EArth. Is there extraterrestrial life, or are we alone in the vast universe?

For American physicist Michio Kaku there is no doubt that there is alien life, and he even believes that we will soon establish contact with beings from another world.

The professor of theoretical physics at The City College in New York has said during a question session on Reddit that before the year 2010 we will get in touch with an alien civilization.

We will find out about alien life, according to Kaku, by listening to radio communications.

Although communicating with them will be more complicated, “since they could be dozens of light-years away,” says Kaku.

Even so, these communications will allow us, in Kaku’s words, to decipher their language and understand their level of technology.

“Let me stick my neck out. I personally feel that within this century, we will make contact with an alien civilization, by listening in on their radio communications. But talking to them will be difficult since they could be tens of light years away. So, in the meantime, we must decipher their language to understand their level of technology. Are they Type I, II, or III??? [These represent three categories in the Kardashev scale, measuring technological achievement in civilizations based on their level of energy use for communication.] And what are their intentions. Are they expansive and aggressive, or peaceful.”

Kaku added, “Another possibility is that they land on the White House lawn and announce their existence. But I think that is unlikely since we would be like forest animals to them, i.e. not worth communicating with.”

Despite Kaku’s opinion, different researchers and futurists have spoken out about when they think we’ll finally meet E.T.

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Some experts claim we’ll find out about alien life in the next 1,500 years, while others like Seth Shostak said that we could encounter intelligent alien life as soon as 2,040; “By 2040 or so, astronomers will have scanned enough star systems to give themselves a great shot of discovering alien-produced electromagnetic signals.”

“Instead of looking at a few thousand-star systems, which is the tally so far, we will have looked at maybe million-star systems” 24 years from now, Shostak said. “A million might be the right number to find something.”

Meanwhile, famous British astrophysicist Stephen Hawking warns that humans should not respond to presumed signals coming from space since aliens could represent a danger to humanity.

When asked how much more advanced an alien civilization might be morally and philosophically, Kaku responded on Reddit by saying:

“I get asked if the aliens are evil and want to destroy us. Maybe, but I think in the main they will be peaceful because they have had thousands of years to resolve sectarian, fundamentalist, nationalist questions. However, they still might be dangerous if they simply don’t care about us and we get in the way. In War of the Worlds, the aliens did not hate us. We were simply in the way. In the same way that a developer is a threat to forest animals because he can pave the first, the danger there is from someone who sees that we are just in the way. But for the most part, I think they will be peaceful, but view us like we view forest animals.”

Source: I am Michio Kaku, physicist, futurist and author of **The Future of Humanity**. AMA!

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