Purina Sued for Allegedly Killing Thousands Of Dogs With Toxic Food

Dogs are part of the family. We consider them more than just pets. And for many people, dogs are like their children or even grandchildren. So shouldn’t we pay more attention to what they eat?

Today, many brands sell dog food. And they all promise the perfect balance of nutrients to keep our furry family member fit and healthy. But this is not always the case, as some dog food brands use ingredients in their formulas such as animal by-products, wheat gluten meal, and corn by-products so the corporation can make more money while disregarding the wellbeing of our beloved companion.

One of the most popular dog food brands, Nestle’s Purina Beneful, is undergoing a lawsuit because some dog owners claim Purina’s dog food caused severe health issues or even death in thousands of dogs.

What’s more, research into buyer reviews of Purina shows that many dogs experienced massive internal health problems. These findings should concern us and make us consider what kind of food we feed our dogs. We should also consider whether or not ready-made dog food brands are real food for our pets or just by-products and artificial ingredients that no animal should eat.

Conventional Dog Food

Many people who own dogs await the settlement of the class action lawsuit against Purina Beneful. Reports from dog owners who have fed their dogs Beneful have similar distressing symptoms such as internal bleeding, incontinence, seizures, and liver malfunction.

Two ingredients in the dog food formula might be the cause of these symptoms, propylene glycol and mycotoxins. Propylene glycol also goes in antifreeze, and the FDA approved it for dog food and even other products such as cake mixes and salad dressings. Europe already took the step to ban products that contain propylene glycol.

Now, this chemical supposedly causes less toxic damage than ethylene glycol, which is also used in antifreeze. However, you should not feed your dog any chemical, no matter if it is less poisonous.

The second cause of the dogs’ symptoms could be related to mycotoxins from improperly stored grains. With the extensive incidences of liver failure mentioned in the lawsuit, it makes sense that these problems are coming from toxins. Dog foods contain massive quantities of grain from multiple sources and the testing for contaminated ingredients is inconsistent and ineffective.

Testing and regulations are set for companies to achieve minimum quality standards, so it is possible that Purina Beneful and other brands are producing foods that contain mycotoxins.

Many dog owners stated that their Purina products had maggots. Furthermore, the dogs’ symptoms described by pet owners are compatible with mycotoxin poisoning. In fact, the threat of mycotoxins in dog food will always be there as the industry needs to use grains in their formulas and there is a lack of extensive regulation to minimize this issue.

Should I Feed My Dog Homemade Food?

Food for our dogs equals the food for ourselves. The prepared dog food is similar to our fast food chains because they are both cheap, easy and not the healthiest food around. Making food at home for your dog sounds like hard work. However, it could save your pet’s life.

Most corporations do not care about what they serve your dog. When they can legally sell their products made from cheap and dangerous ingredients they will because they make more profit. Nonetheless, a good way to eliminate bad brands is to start reading the ingredients on the package before buying the food for your dog. Avoid any brand that uses preservatives, chemicals, sugar, animal by-products, and excessive grains in their formulas.

You can also mix raw, organic vegetables, but not onions and organic, grass-fed ground meat like beef or bison in a food processor. Eggs and avocados are also excellent for dogs. If your dog is having health issues, homemade food can help your pet to get better and healthier. You can check this link for cancer cure (for dogs only).


Your pets are important members of your family. And as part of the family, we must take care to feed them foods that help them live a long and healthy life. Dogs that eat balanced foods can avoid many health concerns such as liver, cancer or heart problems.



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