Sex Is An Intense Experience, Here’s How To Make It More Spiritually Fulfilling .

Although it is the basis of the survival of our species and a fundamental human need, in several cultures and religions, sex is still seen as a taboo, and people still look at it with a level of contempt. However, according to the Qigong way of life, sex and one’s sexual energy is the cornerstone of happiness and an essential element that helps us with our relationships and overall wellbeing. Qigong is trying to fight the good fight in defense of normalizing sex and giving it a more spiritual makeover.

One of the predominant reasons why sex gets a bad rap is the different perspective with which we see male and female sexuality. Male sexual energy is seen as aggressive, yet one which gets exhausted rapidly, and female sexual energy is seen as the slow flame which marathons rather than sprints. These are a catalyst for sexual stigma in society, especially in men who climax too early and women who take too long or do not climax at all.

Pop culture and generations of literature word have made us believe that under the influence of sexual arousal men become emotionally available and women get more attached. While these may be true for a fraction of the world’s population, society has us believing that every person in the world subscribes to this stereotypical notion of cis-gendered sexual behavior.

However, Qigong philosophies want to shatter these notions and gradually identify sex as a spiritual process where both partners derive equal pleasure and follow a certain rhythm. Qigong suggests that men harness their sexual energy by making a few tweaks to their natural pattern. When aroused, male sexual energy intensifies in the genitals and rapidly resonates through the rest of the body. Men can train themselves to instead direct the energy upwards to the middle dantian (energy center at the heart level). By doing this, men suppress their urge to ejaculate and when the sexual energy travels to the heart, it also leaves him with a sense of tenderness and love. Not only can this prolong sex, it can also ensure the man build a strong emotional connection with the woman.

Female sexual energy naturally flows upward and inward — from genitals to the heart or the middle dantian. While they already have an ideal arousal pattern to enjoy sex to the fullest, one can enhance their natural gift by stimulating the breasts (which are located in the middle dantian).
This can be taken to the next level by directing sexual vitality even further up to the head, where it can be a blissful and sacred experience. Further, it can be circulated through the central meridian (the point that unifies the three dantians or energy centers) towards the sky for an experience of pure heavenly ecstasy.

According to Qigong philosophy, sex that is centered around the genitals (the lower dantian) correlates to passionate sex, and sex that expands from the lower to the middle dantian is said to be intense lovemaking. However, when it integrates all three dantians one can experience blissful and sacred love and when it combines all three dantians with the central meridian, one experiences pure cosmic ecstasy.

This cosmic ecstasy is the most pleasurable, meaningful, and intense sexual experience you’ll ever have.


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