Quiz: Do You Have Enough Intelligence To Pass The Tricky ‘Hit-The-Dot’ Quiz?

The human brain is powerful and capable of many things. There are many ways to strengthen your brain performance too. Whether you do it by supplementation, training, exercising, or in this case, playing a game!

Brain games are a puzzle like games that are organized to enhance your cognitive performance. They work by challenging you in an intellectual way. The quiz below uses spatial judgment that uses your vision. The test is called a ‘hit-the-dot test. It uses a method in which you try to catch a colored dot throughout a grid. The quiz presents an opportunity to test your eyes out and test your visual perception. It tests you particularly because you’re searching for the specific dot in the middle of other multicolored dots.

It is probably one of the most fun ways to increase your intelligence. The game is fun and entertaining, and you would never know you were increasing your cognition!

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