Report: China’s FDA Says Over 650,000 Faulty Vaccines Have Been Recalled

Most people believe that medications and vaccines engineered by the pharmaceutical industry are health breakthroughs. But big pharma has some dark secrets which are now coming to light!

The pharmaceutical industry spends money lobbying, chasing after enormous profits, and using questionable methods to get what they want. Aside from the terrible side effects many of its remedies have, and the amount of $3.6 billion that has been paid to vaccine injury victims since 1986, we also need to include the matter of quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. Because estimates show that more than 80 percent of ingredients in American medicines arrive from places outside of America, including India, China, and European countries.

According to USA Today, the chance of ending up with faulty ingredients is high, and it recently happened in China, where the U.S. pharmaceutical industry invests tremendous amounts of money.

More than 650,000 doses of faulty vaccines were recalled in China
says the report from the South China Morning Post. The vaccines were suspended after being marked as ineffective. Batches of diphtheria, whooping cough, and tetanus vaccines were some of the vaccines suspended.

The vaccines were declared to pose no injury to health according to the state media. However, the episode raises worries about the quality of the vaccines being manufactured.

The U.S. does not use Chinese vaccines. But there are ties between the two which people should know about for future reference. For example, in 2016, Chinese-produced vaccines were approved and “pre-qualified” by the World Health Organization to be sent to over 150 low-income countries.

The term “pre-qualification” implies that the WHO is “confident in the safety, quality, and effectiveness of vaccines made in China” that no other countries, including America, will need to test them for safety.

More On The Massive Vaccine Recall

According to the report, some vaccines had already been sent out before the recall, and authorities are examining the incident and saying that it could result in prosecutions. The recalled vaccines were manufactured in three batches by two manufacturers over the last year.

The countries that produce most of America’s vaccines include Belgium, France, and Germany, among others, because the U.S. can provide more oversight into quality control.

However, admitting the growing interest in the Chinese vaccine market, the situation in the East is well worth maintaining an eye on in the following years.

As the WHO has seen, the Clinton Foundation paved the way for the WHO’s pre-qualification stamp of approval for sending to other countries, which could expand the market further for Chinese manufacturers soon.

“The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) has been working with Chinese suppliers to support their applications for WHO pre-qualification for several vaccine candidates for the last two years,” stated Joshua Chu, CHAI’s Director of Vaccine Markets in 2016.

Nobody knows for sure where will lead to in the future. However, earlier incidents in China involving vaccines had led to further fears, such as the times when over 100 people were arrested for carrying expired vaccines.

Another incident led to the deaths of 17 kids including eight infants who took Hepatitis B vaccines. The government denies they caused the deaths, but the incident raised eyebrows over the safety and quality control of vaccines in the country.


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