Researchers Claim DMT Connects You To A Parallel Universe! (What You’re Not Being Told)

Have you ever had a dream that leaves you in a daze? Get a feeling that there could be more to your dreams than you know?

The dream world had a prominent place of in ancient times. The importance of the dream world is being reintroduced in modern times by the psychedelic DMT.

Around the 1920’s there was a reemergence of intrigue into mystical studies, and consciousness enhancing potions. DMT was one of these potions, it is found naturally occurring in plants as discovered by O. Gonclaves in 1946. R. Manske was the first to synthesize DMT in 1931, and in 1956 the Psychedelic effects were discovered by the bold chemist and psychiatrist S. Szara whom also conducted and published research. DMT was declared illegal in 1966 and in 1970, studies on DMT became too constrictive. The pathways of DMT production in the human body was fully understood in 1975, having been found in urine, blood, and cerebrospinal fluid.   

We have 64 codons in our DNA make-up, applying the saying “as above so below”, (with a fractal state of mind) looking at the periodic table of elements find the 64th element is gadolinium. Gadolinium is an element that has florescent like properties and the potential to glow. This could also be metaphorically linked to the halo Jesus is imaged with, being a result of reaching a higher energetic state. 

Theorizing of an evolved human species, one of the suspected talents of these beings could be accessed with DMT. Consciousness enabled by DMT could travel inter-dimensionally via the astral plane is suggested by R. Strassman. 

Rick Strassman MD wrote a book called “DMT: The spirit molecule”

He notes that users of DMT all report leaving this plane of reality and encountering other intelligent beings. Experiences of ego death, dissolution, faith in the universe, death and rebirth are felt in this other dimension. 

Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is a chemical produced naturally in the pineal gland, it is similar to serotonin and effects our visual cortex.

“DMT binds to serotonin receptors in a manner similar to how psilocin does. This causes neurons that would normally be triggered by the release of serotonin to fire when no actual serotonin is present.

This leads to visual hallucinations and feelings of being separated from reality. Users become more introspective, but also report seeing or “visiting” another reality or dimension, and being completely removed from this one.” 

There is certainly something profound taking place with this new vehicle to which to explore our archetypal subconscious.

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