Resorts In Mexico Suspected Of Drugging Tourists

Resorts are fun. Nothing to worry about aside from a hangover and maybe a little sunburn. But for the Conner-McGowan family, who stayed at the Iberostar Hotel & Resorts Paraiso del Mar, things took a nasty turn, which ended with both their children hospitalized and the death of their daughter!

The Conner-McGowan Family’s Story

Austin Conner, 22, and Abbey, 20 went on vacation with their stepfather and mother, John and Ginny McGowan to celebrate the end of their college exams.

Austin and Abbey decided to go to the bar in the pool to have some tequila shots at around 5:30 pm. After that, they were going to have dinner with their parents. At approximately 7 pm, Ginny asked the hotel staff to call her kids’ room as they did not show up for dinner. The hotel manager came to tell Ginny that Austin and Abby needed to get rushed to the hospital and then the nightmare began.

Abbey was on life support with a broken collarbone and brain dead. Austin also suffered injuries to his forehead and a concussion. Austin said that he only remembered drinking some tequila shots with his sister and one shot with a group of people, after that, he just remembered being inside an ambulance.

The family did not get much information about what happened that night, and they spent a lot of money on hospital fees and medical care. Unfortunately, the Conner-McGowan family story is far from a unique case.

Other Stories of Blackouts and Druggings from Resort Go-ers

Maureen Webster’s son drowned in the pool at a Mexican resort ten years ago, under the same mysterious circumstances. Karen Smith’s son Brian Manucci experienced the same in 2013.

Many stories came up about people having a vacation at the Iberostar and also resorts around the area who had the same experience of waking up at the hospital with high blood alcohol content even though they only had a few drinks and were hydrated. A couple reported to black out and waked up later with the woman sexually assaulted and the husband with a broken hand in 2015. Two brothers from Minnesota record waking up shoeless and without shirts in the mud with both phones and wallets gone. The fact is that all people suffered a mysterious blackout, injuries, and experienced some form of extortion. The answer could be that the local hospitals and the resorts have formed a type of partnership.

If you are interested, you can read more stories from tourists who encountered sudden blackouts while on vacation in Mexico here.

What Causes These Strange Assaults And Deaths?

Resort staff members are often quick to blame the tourists saying that they get intoxicated and suffer severe injuries on their own. The attorney of Abbey Conner’s Family thinks that it could be the quality of the alcohol. Resorts could be serving a poor quality alcohol to cut costs, but many victims believe that the problem is more severe than just poor quality alcohol.

The families of the victims and also survivors of these incidents are seeking justice for themselves and their loved ones. They want the American Government to examine these events to get to the bottom of the real cause of these mysterious injuries. Nobody deserves to be robbed, extorted, assaulted, injured, or killed when having a holiday.

How to Stay Safe on Vacation

There are some safety precautions you can do to keep your family and yourself safe while traveling.

1. Assess the Safety of Your Hotel

You can look at the reviews from the hotel. Speak with your travel agent and see if they know the reputation of the hotel. Sometimes, you will need to investigate the hotel when you arrive, so here are some warning signs for you to look for:

  • Is it easy to access help should you need it?
  • Is it close to the local population?
  • Do the employees appear well trained?
  • Is there a lot of crime in the area?
  • What sort of security is used and what are their procedures?
  • Do outside doors lock and are they in good condition
  • Is there any graffiti, garbage, and debris such as needle caps, condoms, and wrappers lying around?
  • Are there security gates at all entrances staffed by guards, and do they ask pointed questions to people before they enter?
  • Are there many working security cameras?
  • How many security personnel in the area?
  • Are the hotel grounds well lit?

2. Drink Safety Tips

Here are some tips you can do to enjoy some drinks by the pool in safety:

  • Keep your eyes on your drink. If you put it down somewhere, get a new one.
  • Always watch your drink while it is being made.
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers, even other tourists.
  • Try to stick to drinks from cans and bottles, and watch while the bartender opens them.
  • Always eat something before drinking alcohol.
  • Drink water alongside your alcoholic drinks.
  • Know your limits. Keep track of how many drinks you consumed and how you feel.

If you start to feel strange or ill, seek help immediately.

3. A Few Extra Tips

Keeping safe goes beyond individual people. It’s a group effort too. Here are some extra tips to enjoy a happy and safe holiday:

  • Keep an eye on your friends and family members: If you notice their behavior change or they appear in distress, then seek help immediately.
  • Don’t allow anyone to wander off on their own, and don’t go anywhere alone yourself.
  • Stick to bars and restaurants at the resort.
  • Report any suspicious persons or activity to hotel staff and security.
  • If you notice another tourist alone and in a state of distress, find them help right away.

Vacations should be fun and relaxing. By taking the right steps to ensure you are safe at all times, you provide a sense of comfort so that your holiday will be full of happy memories.

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