Schwarzenegger-backed Start-Up Could Upset Tesla’s Market Share with New 20-year Battery Tech

Former California governor, and star of Hollywood action movies like The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, just might send Elon Musk’s electric-car and solar battery pack empire into a tailspin. 

Schwarzenegger in the movie Terminator.

Image: Indiewire

Tesla, one of three companies run by visionary and entrepreneur, Elon Musk has been called a cult – with people throwing money at Tesla stock, even after a Space X rocket crashed, and Solar City was swallowed up into Tesla to create one massive corporation.

Tesla has seen exceptional success, but its business plan relies heavily upon Americans – even with a possibly-penned deal with China to provide electric cars to the country.

Schwarzenegger and his nephew are the heads of Kreisel Electric GmbH, founded in Austraia, and they’ve got new battery technology that could be fierce competition for Tesla’s power packs and power walls being cranked out in massive Gigafactories.

Kreisel states on their website, that they have “The very latest technology, the safest Lithium-ion cells and currently the lightest weight battery on the market with a guaranteed service life of 400,000 km.

The average American car owner drives around 13,476 miles annually (just over 21,000 kilometers).

This means that Schwarzenegger’s batteries could possibly power a standard car for approximately 20 years – longer than most American cars last before they start to break down due to engine problems and planned obsolescence.

The Kriesel electric battery pack weighs only 4.1 kilograms, and comes with a two-year warranty. The battery cells contain a unique casing that is constantly flushed with liquid.

Combined with a heat pump, the Kriesel battery can be heated or cooled efficiently. This significantly increases range and service life as a result, and could become the battery of choice for car manufacturers looking to use the most up-to-date tech to install in their electric and solar powered cars.

Due to Kriesel’s recent success, the company is planning a move into a $12 million research center and battery assembly facility where it will test new battery technology. The company is using the press to separate itself from other popular alternative energy companies like Tesla.

“In the past two years, battery development has really taken off, and it’s now becoming incredibly dynamic,” co-founder Markus Kreisel said at a briefing in Munich. “We have a different way of going about developing the technology, and we don’t carry any baggage.”

The baggage Markus Kreisel is referring to is uncertain. Is it Tesla’s lack of cash flow (the company is $1.5 billion in debt), or the failures of the Model 3? Either way, Tesla is still a formidable competitor. They only recently announced their plan to build 40 massive charging stations using their Supercharger technology, premiering Tesla’s latest big investment.

Superchargers are touted to charge a car with electric energy, housed in Tesla’s battery packs within minutes at a charging station located near restaurants, Wi-Fi hot spots, and shopping centers, but there’s also a home charging station meant for people who purchase Tesla cars.




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