Scientific Proof You’re Being Bathed in Cosmic Energy

Our sun is a source of spiritual energy. As it emits solar flashes (solar flares) and full circumference mass coronal ejections (CMEs) – humans are hit with plasma energy.  This extra-galactic influence on our bodies and minds also affects our consciousness.

Scientists have long documented the Star-Sun-Earth connection, which has the potential to influence the thermosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere and lithosphere, but ancients also understood that the energy emitted by the sun (as well as other stars in our Universe) also affects us in very specific ways.

For example, the 12,000-year-old megalithic complex of Gobekli Tepe, that advanced civilization extends thousands of years further back than generally acknowledged. Those who built Gobekli Tepe understood the 25-year cycles which usually result in solar activity changes, polar shifts on the earth, and more. Ancient Greek, Sumerian, and Egyptian societies understood this as well, and there are even referenced to a great solar burst in the Christian bible.

Geomagnetic storms caused by CMEs can be likened to a spiritual super-charging station.  NASA has already warned that the sun is “waking from a deep slumber,” but they are more concerned with how this will affect all our technological equipment, as it has already been demonstrated that CMEs and solar activity shuts down radio-wave and microwave systems, electrical grids, and more.

The sun has an enormous magnetic field around it. The rotation of the sun perpetuates this magnetic field, and as it spews off plasma, a type of gas that is most common in the Universe, and that encompasses more than 99% of the space in the visible universe – it reaches us.

Plasmas are very hard to study because they don’t stay in any one “shape” or form. Plasmas are also extremely conductive, and they carry electrical currents while generating magnetic fields. The fourth state of matter, Plasma is a type of gaseous substance that consists of ions and free electrons.

It is important to note, however, that the human body is made up of atoms and ions. Thus, the human body is capable of a biological ionization process that generates plasma when exposed to certain forces.

This solar material is thought to contain energy which interfaces with the human electromagnetic field in very peculiar ways. You can think of it like Nikola Tesla’s plasma coil, with energy leaping off a center point in every direction. The Sun’s solar flares create a massive movement of electric current in the same way.

No differently than when a master meditator changes his bioelectric field through the practice of centering his mind, this plasma energy hitting us from the sun instigates a similar up-charge in our own electromagnetic fields. A change in our chakra system, etheric bodies, and consciousness ensues.

The earth, too, has an electromagnetic field (aura and chakras) which are also affected by this solar energy. So, just as it was stated in many ancient prophecies, we are evolving right along with the planet. Some even say there are ascension codes programmed right into our DNA which are triggered by this plasma energy.

As we are bathed in cosmic energy, we are literally creating enough energy (through the plasma energy being given off by the sun) to develop our own light bodies. This new light-filled body, quite literally will help us to ascend in consciousness and evolve as spiritual beings. Also called the Rainbow body or crystalline body in Tibetan and Sumerian texts respectively, this ascended form has many names in teachings throughout cultures around the world.

Just as a normal spiritual awakening (normal being those accomplished by meditative practices, diksha, or other human endeavors) can cause side-effects like lethargy, strange dreams, muscle aches and pains, emotional upheaval, etc. so too, can solar flares and CMEs cause these symptoms. It is best to go with the flow of the plasma energy, and let it do what it needs to do within your etheric and physical bodies, rather than fight against it.

Your ascension is happening right along with the planet, so at least you can rest assured that you’re supported, literally, from the ground up.

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