Scientists Claim Bald Men Are Far More Confident & Strong!

According to the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) approximately two-thirds of men start losing their hair by the age of thirty-five. And by age fifty, 85% of men experience a significant amount of hair-loss and balding. The AHLA also declares that men who start balding around age twenty-two and above are more likely to get diagnosed with clinical depression.

While baldness gets a bad rap overall, recent studies show that bald men happen to be more masculine, dominant, and stronger than men who have a full head of hair. So it’s not all grim in barren-head-land, guys.




Traditionally a cause of perennial minor embarrassment, the world is slowly opening up to the idea of men embracing their baldness. No longer are men pressured into wearing a wig or medically grow their hair back. In fact, several men are encouraged to shave and flaunt their hairless heads.

What’s more? One theory suggests that men who are brave enough to flaunt their bald head appear more confident and secure with themselves. And women totally dig men with fewer body image issues.




So, guys, if you are bald or even balding, don’t hate on it like you’re conditioned to do. Embrace it and flaunt your awesomeness, because science has you covered.


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