Scientists Discover A Multidimensional Universe INSIDE Our Brain

There are things we’re told that don’t exist: ghosts, aliens, ex-lovers who still want to be friends, Bananas In Pajamas….the list is kind of endless.  On that list are alternate Universes.  It’s tossed around a lot as an idea, a possibility perhaps, but most people just poo-poo the idea pretty much immediately.

Well, what if there were other universes?  What if there were 11 of them, all stacked in like a multi-dimensional Rubik’s Cube?  And what if they were all hanging out in your brain?

Well guess what, Duckie, it’s your lucky day.  Apparently, this is exactly what some scientists and researchers just found out, and it isn’t Sci-Fi.  No, this is the Real McCoy, and it’s inside of your head.

Okay, so what’s the deal with this, then?  Well, using the mind-boggling Maths Methods of Algebraic Topology, it turns out that scientists were able to “map” structures and spaces inside the networks that are currently operating inside your Brain.  These structures and spaces essentially are created because of the way that your 86 billion neurons pass information from cell to cell.  This info passing across those passages is what is making you capable of thought, and well, making you able to read this sentence.  And, it’s showing up as one tiny off-shoot in a huge network of virtually endless “branches” of a tree that creates the multi-dimensional universes just mentioned.

The research that went into that miracle of an image is part of the Blue Brain Project.  Formed from a whole cadre of international scientists, this was the first time that actual structures were able to be pinpointed using the Algebraic Topology method.  Published in the Journal of Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience, the study used some pretty fancy computer modeling to make these images happen, but every little bit was based on actual observations of the movement of information across neural cells.

What the scientists noticed, as that, as the information passes between cells, structures are created by an interlacing, or “unity” of geometric shapes. The director of the Blue Brain Project, Henry Markram, says this about the findings: “We have found a world that we had never imagined before. We’ve uncovered tens of millions of these objects even in a small speck of the brain, up through seven dimensions. However, in some networks, we even discovered structures with up to 11 dimensions.”

To explain a bit more, every neuron that you have in your brain can talk to the one next to it.  When it “talks”, it talks in a way that forms an object traceable through computer models and Maths.  If there are more neurons in that discussion, there will be more “dimensions” that show up.

After using computer models to make the above images show up, scientists then went to real brain tissue to verify everything.  What they also found was that various stimuli could make these discussions between neurons create more and more dimensions, depending on the stimulus.

“The presence of high-dimensional cavities when the brain is processing information indicates that the neurons in the network respond to stimuli in a remarkably organized manner,” said Ran Levi, a researcher on the Project.

“It is as if the brain responds to an inducement by constructing then smashing a tower of multi-dimensional blocks, starting with rods (1D), planks (2D), cubes (3D), and then more complex geometries with 4D, 5D, etc. The sequence of activity throughout the brain resembles a multi-dimensional sandcastle that has the ability to materialize out of the sand and then disintegrate.”

The coolest thing about all of this?  It’s your reality that dictates what sort of dimensions and shapes will show up inside your brain.  You guide what sort of universe is in there.

Professor Cees van Leeuwen, from Belgium, and a participator in the Blue Brain Project said this… “Outside of physics, high-dimensional spaces are commonly used to represent complex data structures or conditions of systems. For example, the state of a dynamical system in state space.”

“The space is simply the combination of all the degrees of freedom the system has, and its state represents the values these degrees of freedom are actually assuming.”

Now, if anyone tells you that there’s no such things as other dimensions, you can argue for the existence of multiple.  You could even go so far as to blow them away with the knowledge that they’re inside our own heads.  And if they don’t believe you?  Show them this video.



Source: Educate Inspire Change

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