Secret World Order? Here Are The Five Most Influential Secret Societies In history

So, who rules the world in the end? Are there really secret societies that work behind our backs, creating a new world order?

Is history being presented to us selectively? And who are the people that run the ‘show’?

Many questions, and only a few answers.

The world meeting of the Bilderberg Club brought back to the front pages the question about the true influence exerted by some more or less ‘secret groups’ on the destiny of the planet. Are they in control? What are they doing? Who are their members?

Intrigues, conspiracies and strategies, the perfect ingredients that have always characterized hidden societies that hold a power whose dimension we cannot possibly grasp.

In this article, we take a look at some of the most important ‘secret’ societies in the history of our planet.

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The Bilderberg Club

In 1954, the most influential figures of the world met in a hotel to discuss and plan the global agenda for the following year.

Since then, they have continued to meet annually, but the content of their conversations remains a closely guarded secret.

The Bilderberg is not exactly a secret society, but many conspiracy theorists worry about the influence their annual meetings have, and some say that they are behind the new world order. But that, of course, is totally ludicrous… right?


Ah, one of my favorites.

The first Masonic lodge, the forerunner of world masonry, was founded in London in 1717 and still exists today.

Freemasons are characterized by an enormous repertoire of codes and rituals and a complex structure of internal hierarchies.

Most modern secret societies were inspired by Freemasonry, adopting many of its modes and ways of functioning.

The Illuminati

Who doesn’t know the Illuminati…right?

The Illuminati is a supposed secret order that governs the world since the time of the Enlightenment. Whatever that is…

It was originally a branch of Freemasons that started off in 1776, and its influence has been attributed to historical events such as the defeat of Napoleon, the assassination of Kennedy or in modern times, the triumph of Barack Obama in the presidential elections of the United States.

The Rosicrucians

Perhaps a bit lesser known than those mentioned before them, the Rosicrucians are believed to have been founded in the early fifteenth century by Christian Rosenkreutz. This secret society sought to use occult practices to achieve a global transformation.

Two centuries after its creation, the order gained international fame with the publication of three manifestos. They are seen as the driving force behind every major revolution in modern history.

The Knights Templar

At the beginning of the 12th century, nine knights made a vow to protect the pilgrims traveling through the Holy Land.

Other knights joined them, and the organization grew accumulating wealth power.

In popular culture, knights took on the role of funders of many other secret societies, as well as guardians of the most sacred Christian treasures such as the Holy Grail or the blood of Jesus Christ.

However, the members of the society were finally tortured and executed by French King Philip IV, and at the beginning of the fourteenth century the organization was supposedly disbanded, and no longer exists.

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