September 22 Will Bring a Major Energetic Shift During the Autumn Equinox

The upcoming equinox on September 22nd will be even more of a global and yearly turning point than it normally is. Part of the reason for this is that the Sun will be shifting into the Libra constellation: a constellation which is synonymous with balance, learning, compassion, and living in harmony with the Earth and all its inhabitants. As a result of this, global energy and consciousness should become much more positive and productive, especially because the shift should be heightened by the total solar eclipse which also occurred recently. With all of this being said, September 22nd, 2017 could truly go down in history as a time at which countless individuals found the degrees of balance and focus which they required to finally live up to their total potential.

Source: The Weather Channel.

However, there is sure to be some negative energy mixed in with all the positive energy (as is almost always the case), so it will sill require effort and willpower in order to realize your goals. But when you sense a patch of bad energy amongst the ocean of good, the most productive thing to do is to simply slow down rather than stopping; as mentioned, balance and focus cannot be entirely given—it must be earned (at least in part). The Universe can align itself in such a way that will make reaching your genuine potential likely, but only you can actually make your potential into reality. Moreover, the year 2017 is winding down quickly, and the end of every year always seems to be more chaotic than its beginning.

To increase your chances of maximizing the benefits of the eclipse, the equinox, and the positive energy in general, you must embrace it—and listen to it. It’s quite probable that your inner voice will be whispering to your mind far more often that it usually does, and it may even speak to you much louder than it ever has before. But, again, this won’t be easy; as discussed, it’s inevitable that you will experience infrequent waves of negative energy throughout your quest, and it will require more than just trust and intuition (however pure) to navigate through this bad energy both efficiently and effectively. So keep this information in the back of your mind (or closer to the front), and remember that the Universe has provided you with precisely what you need to overcome all things within it.

Make a conscious effort to think, feel, and act with an extremely creative ideology, and do your best to focus on the present and the near future as opposed to the past; September 22nd will be a time of change—so you need to concentrate all of the energy which is available to you on time periods and events which human beings are most capable of impacting.


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