Shocking Video! Naval Officer Tells Us What He Saw Hidden in Antarctica

Remarkably, a naval officer reports seeing a massive opening in the Antarctic ice fields—and it’s in a highly restricted no-fly zone. The officer was only permitted to fly in the area because there was a passenger experiencing a medical emergency, but he quickly informed scientists of his discovery once it was safe to do so.

However, after the officer directed scientists to the location of this anomaly, they ended up vanishing for weeks. What’s more, when the scientists finally made it back to McMurdo, “they looked scared” and the officer was forbade from speaking about these events to anyone—as he has chosen to do, regardless of the warnings. Curiously, the scientists’ gear was immediately quarantined and the scientists themselves were flown to Christchurch, New Zealand without delay: a covert plane was utilized for their extraction.

Interestingly, this discovery comes at a time when many other mysterious Antarctic stories have been published: video has also surfaced of Russians allegedly observing proof of an Antarctic Anunnaki Civilization. However, many details of the Antarctic ice-hole are revealed in the YouTube video below, and it seems to be the most significant and compelling Antarctic anomaly that has been highlighted in some time.


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