Shocking X-Ray’s Of Boy’s Brain Reveal Just How Dangerous Some “innocent” Things Around The House Can Be

When one becomes a parent one realizes how may innocent things around the house are really dangerous threats to one’s child’s safety. You never know until you experience the hazards of your child getting injured through something which was just lying around.

If you think your child is always secure this child’s account is a must-read.

2-year-old Chen Chen was jumping on his bed when suddenly he stumbled and fell to the ground. He fell head first but ended up with more than just a minor bump.

When the boy fell, his head landed on a plug and the pins pierced into his skull

Horrified, the parents rushed Chen Chen to the hospital where his head was examined through an X-Ray

The X-ray images revealed how the pins had cut through his skull and lodged in his brain. And even doctors and people all over were shocked by this freak case.

The boy was immediately operated on by surgeons. Extra precautions were taken to not cause further damage.

Post the surgery, the boy’s head was stitched and the doctors were relieved to see him alive. However, they’re still not sure about any long-term damage the boy may be facing.

Let this be a cautionary tale for every parent. Keep your child away from the dangers that are lurking in your own home.



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