Signs of a Biblical Prophecy? THEY’RE Connected: Hurricane Harvey, Irma and the Most Powerful Solar Flare in a Decade

It should go without saying that some coincidences are bound to occur in a Universe as endless as ours, but a coincidence as astronomically-unlikely as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and a gargantuan solar flare all occurring around the same time (on astronomical timescales) definitely warrants much more scrutiny than other ones. As it turns out, another otherworldly astrological alignment is due to take shape on September 23rd—and it might even have truly biblical significance.

As is widely known, Earth’s global climate and weather systems have be spiraling out of control of late: Category 4 Hurricane Harvey flooded Texas on August 25th and killed at least 60 people, and Category 5 Hurricane Irma battered Florida with winds of 185 miles per hour—and as per the country’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne, at least 90% of Antigua and Barbuda has been ferociously demolished.



As alluded to, there has also been a sharp spike in our Sun’s solar activity as of late: one solar flare struck Earth’s magnetosphere with usual quantities of destructive solar particles, but the second one hit with more strength and particles than has been experienced in over a decade. The Space Weather Prediction Centre reports that there were large-scale radio blackouts for hours as a result of this heightened solar activity.

What’s worse, research on the “Synchronization of Human Autonomic Nervous System Rhythms with Geomagnetic Activity in Human Subjects” reveals that “Human regulatory systems are designed to adapt to daily and seasonal climatic and geomagnetic variations; however, sharp changes in solar and geomagnetic activity and geomagnetic storms can stress these regulatory systems, resulting in alterations in melatonin/serotonin balance, blood pressure, immune system, reproductive, cardiac, and neurological processes.” So, all of us have probably been impacted in some way—whether we experienced a radio blackout or not.

Additionally, even the Heartmath website argues that “When the earth’s magnetic field environment is disturbed it can cause sleep disturbance, mental confusion, unusual lack of energy or a feeling of being on edge or overwhelmed for no apparent reason.” Although no known studies have been conducted on the specific topic, many individuals claim that solar flares can spawn natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis, and people have also suggested that solar flares are ultimately responsible for certain riots and examples of civil unrest. Yet, other individuals have claimed that solar flares result in social growth and scientific breakthrough (the jury’s still out).

So, is there any Biblical significance at all, after all? Well—you’ll have to judge for yourself:

#1: On September 23rd, the Moon will appear at the bottom of constellation Virgo (a virgin woman).

#2: Above Virgo will be 12 “stars”: nine stars of Leo, and the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Jupiter will “thrust into” or “pass through” Virgo (after 9 months), which would complete the representation of a birthing.

#3: Revelation chapter 12:1-2 reads “a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars . . . is pregnant and about to give birth, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.”

Should this be connected with the Virgin Mary and the birth of baby Jesus—or with the birth of a new God? In situations like this, it’s usually best to checkout an applicable YouTube video before considering what your final answer would be:





Image Source: hasenonkel / 123RF Stock Photo

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