Six Photographers Took The Same Man’s Picture, What They Captured Will Make You Reflect On Your Life!

Often times in life, we have all been guilty of holding unjust prejudices against people for no particular reason. We hold a preconceived image about someone. Whether it is a rumor we heard about the person, or a story you hear from their past. But a lot of times we go off these beliefs rather than finding out who that person actually is on our own. Preconceived thoughts can manifest some ugly images, or at least alter a judgement about a person.

A photograph can be a great indicator to show a persons true emotion at the time. They can depict whether someone was happy or upset, but it also coincides with how the photographer takes the picture. It can show a lot about the photographer as well.

In this experiment, six photographers were told to take pictures of the same exact guy, only each one was told a different background story prior to the photo shoot. An example would be one was told he was a recovering alcoholic, while one was told he was a self-made millionaire. The Truth is that he is none of the things they were told, but it is shocking to see how the photos portrayed the man. It is truly an eye opening video. Take a look for yourself:

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