Spirit Guides: The Higher Power that Looks Out for Us

As humans, we come into contact with lots of darkness; the world can be a very scary place. However, we have spirit guides to direct us onto the correct path, and let us know when we’re already on it.

A spirit guide is a concept that has mostly been passed on as science fiction. While it can be a hard topic to grasp, it’s actually rather simple. Our spirit guides will send us all kinds of signs when they are trying to tell us something. They will tell you multiple different things. A spirit guide will commonly get in touch with you if you are headed down the wrong path.

According to various researchers and LBL therapists, such as Dr. Michael Newton, spirit guides are very advanced souls, who completed their incarnation cycles and they are now helping us achieve the same thing. Our spirit guides are always watching over us to make sure we are making the correct decisions. Our spirit guides are mostly responsible for the feelings of Deja Vu, and ‘coincidental’ encounters.

If you think your spirit guide has been trying to contact you, you’re probably right. Try to focus more on your intuition and your ‘gut’ feelings. If you experience Deja Vu pay very close attention to the situation you’re in. Your spirit guide is trying to tell you something. Spirit guides are often loved ones that know us personally. They can always see what’s going on in our lives and they always try to give us advice – you just have to listen.

The gut feeling that you feel in your stomach when an important decision is in front of you is typically your spirit guide poking at you and trying to tell you something. Sometimes we get an eerie feeling that something is just plainly wrong – this is a spirit guide warning.

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