Step Into the Shamanic Journey

Listen to the sound of rattle and drums and enter the shamanic journey.

Shamans consider that a human soul can divide into bits which are then able to leave the body at a given time. This may happen in various circumstances, among the most common being during the state of dreaming, or whenever the soul needs to be shielded from trauma.

When an individual steps onto the shamanic path, they gain the knowledge to transcend the soul into another plane of existence, on a soul flight also known as ‘the shamanic journey’. This can be achieved using several practices known by the shaman.

In early shamanic societies, the initiation ritual usually took the form of a near death experience, when not only bits of the soul were leaving the body, but the entire spirit, thus teaching the shaman how to travel with the soul.

Hamatsa_shaman2Hamatsa ritualist, 1914

When a person experiences soul travel, there are no planetary boundaries limiting him or her, as the soul may reach all corners of the earth, including the inner earth and the far reaches of the atmosphere. Based on each culture, the shaman may journey to specific places and encounter peculiar entities. As a master of soul travel, most places are mapped inside this spiritual realm. The map is known as ‘a cosmology’ and places such as the lower, middle and upper world divide the cosmology. However, other uncharted destinations are also available to the shamanic practitioner.

To engage in such a journey, awareness and consciousness are shifted to allow the soul to leave the body. Drumming or rattle sounds are frequently used to guide the individual because of the repetitive and vivid rhythm that correlates with the personal rhythm of every person. Drum’s vibrations initiate the shamanic journey, similar to how a soothing sound can alleviate a hurting mind. Drumming works for most people because it has a strong relation to earth’s frequency.

It’s hard to describe how the soul detaches from the body. Various shamans compare it to the feeling you have when you make your first steps in life: it’s hard (if not impossible) to depict how your legs start to move, but the motion is real, you can feel it and slowly learn how to control it.

The spiritual journey is similar to meditation. It can be perceived as a tool used for healing, acquiring knowledge, but also resolving psychological affairs. When inside a journey, one can communicate at a spiritual level, he can distinguish vibration, interact with guardian spirits and also spirits of the Earth which differ from one region of the planet to another. It’s also possible inside a journey to examine the personal health of your physical body, as well as another’s. Overall, the journey may offer whatever information you desire concerning the physical realm.


While journeying, you can take the form of a fish and swim upstream, or become a dear and sprint through the forest. Note that it differs from a state of dreaming since you can coordinate your every move, and most of the knowledge acquired during a trip is pulled back into the material realm once the journey is over. Shamans describe how shapeshifting into a deer lets you perceive its running legs; running as a zebra will let you feel the raw power of its back legs. The experience in itself can be compared to a journey into the real world, as you can learn about different aspects of life and still remember them.

The spiritual journey lets you resolve psychological matters comprised of past emotional traumas. The spiritual setting is most of the time safe, it empowers the individual, thus allowing him/her to confront whoever did wrong to them in the past. In the spirit realm, one can effectively express anger or get over grief.

The shamanic journey is a tool which allows for further spiritual growth because it gives access to universally evolved spiritual teachers. Knowledge provided by these masters have unexpected meanings. Practitioners often report entering the journey from where they first left off, thus adding up to the journey by making it a kind of universal journey. Messages may transcend into the real world in the form of symbols, which may only become clear over time, once you go back to interpret them after a recent spiritual trip.

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