Study Proves: People Who Have Sex Daily Are Healthier, Happier And More Creative

Surprise, surprise: People with healthy sex lives tend to lead healthier lives in general. This isn’t a big shocker to me. For years now, I’ve known that getting horizontal with a special friend is a great way to lift our moods — and a more surefire way to do so than any amount of other social activities.

The opposite is also true: Without a regular does of positive sexual experiences, I become edgy and irritated, much less patient with life in general. Without the benefit of a regular, healthy sex life, I just don’t feel like myself.

Of course, talking about sex this candidly is sure to make some people squeamish. Why? Probably years of religious indoctrination, but that’s a topic for another day. Today, let’s talk about why evidence shows that sex is still the best thing in the world:

First of all, people who sexually engage with a partner every day are happier. While it won’t come as surprising to most that we feel amazing right after having sex, it should be noted that the positive effects of that act will carry through into the whole day or night afterwards.

Brittany Gibbons, blogging for Huffington Post, recorded what it was like to have sex every day for a year. The immediate results were great: More confidence, excitement, and general happiness. About this, she says:

“It stopped being a chore, and became the moment of the day where I was most at peace. Where I could have an actual conversation with my husband and know he was listening to me and not secretly watching television or elbow deep in Lego assembly.”

Which may not be a stunning endorsement for sex so much as having healthy conversations in a marriage. Even so, she reported that the year-long experiment left her feeling comfortable and confident in her self, which coincides with the results of a study by the University of Texas.

Health resources internet-wide are unanimous about the benefits of regular sex. WebMD cites things such as an improved immune system, lower blood pressure, and a drop in anxiety. Everyday Health says it helps prevent a whole host of chronic degenerative diseases. While it may not instantly lead to a happy, healthy life, it certainly isn’t hurting anything…

Sex is good exercise, and promotes a healthy self-confidence that seems harder and harder to come by these days. What’s more, more sex seems to make us more creative as well. Artists have the most sex partners, which isn’t conclusive evidence but shows a general trend of correlation between sex and creativity.

Better yet, Psychology Today designed a comparative study to show the differences in creativity when participants were thinking about love versus lust. The volunteers were asked to imagine a walk on the beach with someone they love, then performed tests designed to measure their creativity.

Next, other people thought about casual sex with someone they didn’t love, and scored much poorer for measures of creativity. Actually, the people who thought about casual sex showed more analytical capacity than creative, pointing to the idea that love is the true measure of creativity in sex.

At its best, sex inspires confidence and creativity. Why? Because it’s a natural human instinct. Like anything else we come by naturally, engaging in it often and naturally contributes to our overall better health. If not, why would it make us feel so good while we do it?

People love sex for a reason: It can leave us feeling loved, validated, and cared for. Having sex every day can make us more creative and well-balanced. If that’s not enough, think of the opposite, as aptly demonstrated in this video:

And check out the article that inspired this one here!

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