Study Says: Father’s Have A Far Greater Impact On Their Daughter’s Life Than Mothers.

Historically, women have been perceived as the primary caregivers of their children, especially daughters. While mothers do play a significant role in the upbringing of their daughters, new studies reveal that fathers have a greater influence on their daughter’s lives. Having dad around not only creates a healthy family environment, it also promotes emotional development and well-being for daughters.

When it comes to the emotional aspect, girls benefit immensely from a father who’s actively involved in their lives. According to one study, girls who are close to their dads have a better chance at handling stressful situations and are not prone to developing anxiety and depression later in life.

A father’s active presence can also have a positive influence on girls’ relationships, self-esteem, sexuality, independence, and so on. Girls become better at speaking about their feelings which leads to a tendency to have healthy fulfilling relationships and lasting friendships.

Over time fathers instill a positive sense of self and provide a much-needed confidence boost, which is an important factor that leads to daughters eventually taking control of their lives and becoming successful functional human beings.

Apart from the considerable effect dads have emotionally, there are also various practical reasons for dads to be an active parent in their daughter’s lives. According to another study, girls with involved fathers are more physically healthy, as they tend to have a more balanced nutritious meal more often than girls with absentee fathers.

While we don’t discredit the role of mothers in securing their daughters future, studies show that fathers provide daughters with a greater financial safety net. With the emotional, physical, and financial bolster, fathers open a much wider window for their daughters to succeed.

While mothers have a nine-month head-start in forming a bond with their daughters, a father’s early involvement makes all the difference in a girl’s life. In fact, the earlier the bond begins to form, the better. Given that our world is slowly opening up to the idea of a father being a sensitive and actively involved parent, and even a primary caregiver in several cases, it is easier now to create a lasting bond and a positive influence in one’s daughter’s life than it ever was before.

Each parent has a role to play in their child’s life. While moms have a vital role in guiding daughters through their formative years, their harrowing years of puberty, their heartbreaks, and more, dads are the much-needed pillar of strength that daughters can fall back to.

So, to every dad out their, be more involved in your daughter’s life. Change diapers, sing her to sleep, help her learn her ABCs, and just be a good father. You’d be investing in your child’s future by just being there.


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