Study Shows Cancer Is Almost Nonexistent In Amish Communities, The Reasons Will Shock You

Cancer Causes and Control, recently published an article revealing that a group of Amish people in Ohio has almost no incidence of cancer, making them some of the healthiest people in America.

Researchers from Ohio State University wanted to see whether the Amish peoples’ lack of modern medical care would lead to higher rates of cancer. They found the opposite: The Amish have almost no incidence of cancer.

Known for their lack of drinking, smoking, and sexual promiscuity, the Amish lifestyle may be the main contributor to their all-time low incidence of cancer. With an extremely high amount of physical labor, mainly in farming and construction, the constant physical activity of the Amish lifestyle also contributes positively to their health, especially when taken in comparison to the sedentary lifestyles of modern America.

Though not specifically examined in the study, it may also be implied that the Amish diet positively influences their health. They grow almost all of their own food, and their organic farming methods contribute a bevy of healthy enzymes and nutrients to their everyday meals.

Often the subject of ridicule, the Amish lifestyle commitment to simple, agrarian lives is benefiting their health in ways that the rest of America longs for. When compared to the high incidence of disease and unhappiness in modern America, is it not clear which lifestyle is deserving of ridicule?

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