If You Suffer From ADD or ADHD, You Could Actually Be Serving A Higher Purpose

Could someone suffering from ADD or ADHD be something completely different from what mainstream society thinks? Could they in fact have taken great strides in the evolution of mankind? Psychologists are now starting to believe that people who suffer from ADD and ADHD could in fact be Indigo Children.

The Idea of Indigo Children is nothing more than wishful thinking to skeptics, but could it be legitimate. There are many people starting to believe in this phenomenon and that Indigo Children do exist. They are cleaning the earth of corruption and social poison. According to Psychotherapist Doreen Virtue, Indigo Children do in fact exist, and are often times prescribed Ritalin because of them possessing traits that fall under ADHD and ADD. She believes this prescribed medicine can ruin them.

Even to a skeptic of the Indigo Child idea such as Stephen Hinshaw, a professor and chairman of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, the concern that children are being over-medicalized is real. Children with ADHD are being fed pills to, in a sense, “dumb” them down, and this is not good! Who is to say that these children do not in fact serve a higher purpose?

According to Gavin Haynes from

Indigo Children and adults are everywhere, and they are starting to become increasingly aware of what they truly are. He went to New York to meet some Indigo Children that were born in the 1990’s to learn and understand more about them. How they feel, and to learn about their perceived psychic gifts. During this adventure, Haynes had his aura read, and even got to meet the rap duo “The Underachievers” who preach Indigoism and everything it entails as a way of life.

There are some Common Indigo Traits for anyone who wants to know more:

  • They know they are here for a reason.
  • They do not settle for absolute authority.
  • They are born knowing they deserve to be valued.
  • They believe everything should be given creative thought.
  • They are rebellious.
  • They come up with better ways of doing things often.
  • They do not respond to “guilt discipline.”
  • They are not shy when it comes to letting you know what they need.

These are however just a few traits that can vary from each person, but overall seem universal. If you are questioning if you, or someone you know may be an Indigo Child, Here is Gavin Haynes video, describing the movement a little more in depth.


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