Taco Shop Owner Offers Free Coats To Freezing Homeless, Inspires Customers To Contribute As Well

Dear cynics, you may now put your skepticism to rest, as humanity is alive and well and this kind soul is proof that kindness still exists in the world.

Earlier this week, Dallas experienced a plummet in temperature as it reached into the low 30s mark. Several homeless people were in extreme distress and for a few, it may have even been life-threatening.

While there are shelters and boarding facilities established around town, they’re not even close to being enough for every homeless person. And several end up suffering the wrath of winters on the streets with no respite.

Although most of the world gave up on these homeless souls, one taco shop owner took a stand and decided to do something to help. Emilia Flores, owner of ‘The Taco Shop’, had an idea to help bring some warmth into the lives of the homeless.

Outside her eatery, Flores set up a coat rack offering free coats to the needy. Inspired by something similar she saw in Mexico, Flores brought this genius idea to the US and it has been a huge success ever since.

People donate coats and warm clothes they don’t need and those who need it simply pick it up and keep it if it fits.

Spreading kindness to people in need, Flores is aiming to help homeless people, those in the low-income group, or just those who are down on their luck.

Speaking about why she started a free-for-all coat stand, Emilia said, “This is a way of people not being embarrassed about asking. They just come and pick what they need and leave.”

Giving an insight into her innate kindness, Flores said, “In small ways, you can actually make a difference. And this year particularly I thought that the world is so polarized and the country is so polarized, it’s just another reminder that it takes very little to make life easier for people.”

These little gestures of compassion truly restore our faith in humanity and give us hope for the future. All is not lost, folks. There’s still goodness in this world.


Source: Inspiremore

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