Taking Cold Showers? Here Is What The Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know

Countless studies show that cold water, especially in the morning, can boost your metabolism and trigger weight loss among other remarkable benefits!

In theory, the human body needs to work hard to bring the cold water up to its internal temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. So studies confirm that people benefit more from cold showers than warm water.

A German research team, in 2003, studied 14 people and concluded that if the participants drank cold water, their caloric burn increased by 30% for about an hour. Dr. Rachelle Pojednic, the assistant professor in the nutrition department of Simmons College and professor at the Harvard Extension School, says that “If you chug your way through 2 liters of cold water (that is a large soda bottle) you could burn an extra 100 calories per day… that’s a lot of cold water to drink”. Sadly, according to Dr. Pojednic, the study was determined as flawed by the way the researchers calculated caloric burn.

However, a more scientifically sound study (according to the US National Library of Medicine) shows the thermogenic effect of cold water is only about 4 to 7 calories per glass. “It’s pretty minimal,” said Leslie Bonci, a nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice. “… even if you have eight glasses of cold water, that is only about 64 calories. That is not even a pretzel”.

The fact is, no sound scientific research exists to determine whether warm water absorbs into the body better than cold. However, most researchers accept that drinking water at any temperature is beneficial for health. If you feel dehydrated, you become fatigued, and your body begins to shut down its metabolism, which is not ideal for weight loss. And if you are hydrated, on the other hand, it will make you feel less hungry, lubricate your muscles and joints, and maintain blood pressure, which carries nutrients and oxygen to your body.

Health Benefits of Cold Showers

Cold showers have several benefits which differ from a warm shower. Katherine Hepburn was a fan of cold showers and would regularly take cold showers and baths to improve energy and alertness. Furthermore, cold showers increase oxygen levels in the blood, giving us a long lasting energy boost.

Also, cold showers will help reduce the loss of the natural oils in our skins too quickly. And cold shower can make your hair seem shinier and stronger by flattening hair follicles and increasing their ability to grip the scalp. Besides, the increased blood flow to the organs, because the body wants to heat itself up, carries countless cardiovascular benefits including clearing blocked arteries, lowering blood pressure, and improving immunity.

In 1994 a study discovered that cold waters decreased uric acid levels and increased the number of electrical impulses from nerve endings to the brain, therefore influencing stress and depression levels.


Water is essential to life. Drinking plenty of water at any temperature is necessary for good health. If drinking cold water helps you to drink more throughout the day, then go for it, and the same goes for warm water. The goal is to keep hydrated.

However, only cold water can cause an extra caloric burn. The advantages of cold showers are intense, and you should include cold showers in your life. Try to have a few cold showers during the week to see the benefits for yourself.


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