Tesla Is Shipping Hundreds of Powerwall Batteries to Puerto Rico

Catastrophically, approximately 97% of Puerto Rico is without electricity or power as a result of Hurricane Maria; however, Tesla is taking huge strides to help end the crisis as soon as possible, as they demonstrated by shipping hundreds of Powerwall systems to several of the worst impacted areas of the region. Since Maria made landfall on September 20th, many Puerto Ricans have also been without access to clean drinking water, fresh food, or any type of modern air conditioning whatsoever. Even worse, hospitals in the region are becoming completely ineffective and inoperable because once they run out of diesel fuel they have no way of accessing or generating power.

Fortunately, employees already located in Puerto Rico are capable of properly installing all the Tesla batteries, which can be utilized in conjunction with solar panels to store and provide electricity. All in all, the Puerto Rican energy grid will likely require about six months to come close to full recuperation. With this in mind, many power banks have already arrived on the island, and countless others are already on their way. Tesla’s Powerwall model has existed since 2016, and each one has a capacity of 13.5 kWh.

In the image above, the flood waters are still extremely high in Carolina, Puerto Rico, on September 22nd, 2017.

Source: Puerto Rico National Guard / Sgt. Jose Ahiram Diaz-Ramo.


As per Engadget, Tesla is working and coordinating with locals in order to make sure the power banks are shipped to where they are needed most. However, the New York Times argues that restoring power to Puerto Rico will still be incredibly expensive and challenging: “Transformers, poles, and power lines snake from coastal areas across hard-to-access mountains. In some cases, the poles have to be maneuvered in place with helicopters.” Yet, this is only more reason to utilize Tesla’s Powerwall systems as quickly as possible, in as many areas as possible.

What’s more, these batteries could potentially enable humanity to drastically reduce the amount of fossil fuels that are burned now and in the future, which would be even more vital and beneficial to all life on Earth. In fact, Tesla has acquired the solar cell manufacturing company SolarCity, which should make producing photovoltaic cells for the Powerwall systems much easier and more cost effective.




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