Tesla’s $3,500 Powerwall Will Let Households Run Entirely On Solar Energy!

Tesla Motors founder, Elon Musk, along with the help of some other companies has just come up with an ingenious way to revolutionize how we power our homes. The Powerwall, could radically change our everyday lives, by taking family homes, and businesses off the power grid.


Powerwall is a solar powered battery pack that is installed on the outside of your home. They are simple to install, and are sufficient enough to power most homes, even during peak hours. They also reinforce your home by providing backup electricity, in case of a power outage. For larger homes or even businesses, Tesla has made it possible to install multiple batteries to provide enough power. They currently come in a 10 kWh weekly cycle model, or a 7 kWh daily cycle model. Both do an exceptional job, and are guaranteed for 10 years.

To make this project happen, Tesla has teamed up with SolarCity, one of Tesla’s partner companies. This new model has proven quite successful as they continue to test the Powerwall. Currently the batteries are mostly being used  in company buildings, allowing them to store excess energy for those peak hours. They have already shown to decrease the energy bills by around 20-30%. SolarCity is currently experimenting with a “test run” that has provided the Powerwall to approximately 500 homes in California. They are using the 10 kWh model, that builds up enough excess energy to power a home for 2 days, in case of a shortage.

Tesla has also built a Gigafactory in Reno, Nevada. Here they have begun the production of lithium-ion batteries, which is emerging as the front-runner in energy storage technology. Combined with the residential solar battery market, are creating a  possibility for a future without relying on the power grid

Tesla is a revolutionary company backed by the brilliant mind of Elon Musk, focused on innovative ideas to transform how we live our lives. Tesla’s Powerwall could be the start. Check out Elon Musk’s debuting the Powerwall in this video:

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