The 2018 Full Wolf Moon: Time For Creation And Change

There will be something special about 2018. The first full moon of the year will be a type of supermoon and will occur on the 1st of January. This start to 2018 will mark the beginning of a fascinating year.

The full moon on January 1 will be known as ‘wolf moon’, named after a pack of howling wolves. Its other names include ice moon or snow moon, named after Yule.



In the beginning of 2018, due to the influence of this moon, the earth will be surrounded by various energies. The moon will also mark a transformation, in a rebirth of sorts, into our better selves this year. To truly reap its benefits, one must be aware of this energy, remain grounded, and embrace the transformation while the cosmos works its magic.

Scientifically, a full moon occurs when it is opposite to the sun. This symbolizes polarity or opposing forces — like work vs home — playing tug of war in your life. Polarity will lead you to have personal conflicts that will end up draining your energy.

During a full moon, lunar qualities such as instincts and emotions reach its peak. Due to this, you will have an upsurge in emotional strength and intuition, and you will overcome any challenges you may face in your relationships.

You’ll see things objectively, and judge relationships, friendships, and emotions with a newfound coherence. If a conflict arises, you will put yourself in the other’s shoes and see the situation from their perspective. You will adopt a newfound attitude of forgiveness.



Here’s what AstrologyKing had to say about this unique phenomenon:

“At 11°37′ Cancer Sign, full moon January 2018 make one single challenging aspect to Venus. This forms the spine of a kite formation shown in the chart below. The full moon opposite Venus represents a problem that needs solving. The harmonious blue aspects show the spiritual, mental and physical skills that will allow you to rise above your limitations and fly high.
Full Moon opposite Venus increases your need for love and affection regardless of the consequences. Close emotional contact could be so important that you would lower your standards to not feel alone. Different expectations or needs between two people may cause problems. This will expose any simmering relationships tensions which can then be worked through.
This same dynamic will apply to personal disagreements and major conflicts. The full moon will shine a light on the differences between rivals. The red backbone of the kite pattern shown below represents the stumbling blocks to peace. The many harmonious blue aspects show peaceful solutions to wars, just as much as they show true love between partners.”



Source: Astrologyking; Giphy

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