Graham Hancock has given a TED:Talk that was sure to cause some waves if left uncensored. This talk was originally produced and uploaded to Ted:Talks and the TED YouTube Channel, in which they were shortly taken down on the grounds that he drops a lot of bombs on some touchy subjects. Now when I say touchy, I’m not talking about perverse or obscene, however, I am speaking about topics that are greatly feared by modern pharmaceutical regimes, modern science, and possibly even Western Politics.

After watching Graham give this spine tingling speech, I have various thoughts as to exactly why it was censored. The brilliant man speaks on the glorious wonder of psychedelics, namely DMT or rather more keenly on the super DMT brew of the Amazon known as Ayahuasca. While this mind-altering, consciousness expanding hallucinogen is preached, almost relentlessly by Shamans, this magnificent brew is shunned and even made illegal by our government. With a captivating conviction he holds a light to the war on consciousness that Western Society and governments. He argues that with the policies and standards that are in place for our day to day existence does not allow for the exploration and curiosity of the consciousness, especially by means of psychedelic rituals. By making these substances illegal and denying the healing and consciousness expanding effects, we are denied a large part of our true reality. Another great point Graham touches on is how we are not truly free because of this, and to be truly free would be to have to right and opportunity to safely, and responsibly partake of these ancient herbs in order to explore deeply and fully our consciousness, and by denial of these freedoms we are denying a crucial and vital component that could be responsible for preventing the next step in human evolution and the deterioration of our planet that we allow/are responsible for.

I, personally, resonated with this man’s words rather strongly because of how much of what he spoke, i happen to have profuse conviction in as well. He definitely raised a ton of questions that we has a society, or even as an individual should be asking one another and ourselves. The idea that our governing bodies of the world can tell us which consumables of the Earth are legal and illegal is alarming, notably the fact that most things that are deemed legal are volatile and toxic to our health and life while there are so many illegal items that could be used for some really great and profound changes.

What it really comes down to is that his presentation hits deep to the heart of the fear and paranoia of certain organizations and political regimes, it’s the idea that we, as a species, can not gain access to the knowledge that we are much, much more than just a brain inside a meat sack. If we were all to, globally, awaken to the fact that we are consciousness and we have been made indolent and docile, not only would there be various institutions kicked to the curb but probably quite a few humongous societal changes be flipped on their heads. With recent breakthroughs in “pseudosciences and metaphysical studies on proving the factual existence of the soul, or how we are spirit beings first, then physical bodies second, it has mainstream science reeling and scraping by to contradict these findings to keep the illusion of reality they have sold for ages running.

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