The Cancer Healing Legacy of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a favorite alternative cancer therapist based in New York City. He was a favorite mostly because he was so very bright, articulate, and forthright. Most importantly, he was the last living representative for an unusually effective and safe natural cancer treatment.

He had that objective journalist sense that many journalists do not have. And he didn’t resent those who refused his method of curing cancer. He knew it worked because he studied it with the creator of that method.

I had always been fascinated by the protocol developed by the Texas Dentist Dr. William Donald Kelley and his story, which was told and written about by Dr. Gonzalez in such high quality that it was impossible to put down. The book about Kelley and his protocol is One Man Alone.

It just so happened that what Kelley did to cure his own late-stage pancreatic cancer, perhaps the most lethal and incurable of all cancers, was a major discovery, which he then used to cure all sorts of cancers for word of mouth cancer patients who flocked to see him.

Dr. Gonzalez’s current work is the last gasp for Dr. Kelley’s fine legacy that was extremely successful with mainstream oncology’s most incurable cancer of them all – pancreatic cancer.

This highly efficacious and safe therapy was on life support thanks only to the valiant efforts of Dr. Gonzalez and his Manhattan clinical partner Dr. Linda L. Issacs, MD.

Now Dr. Gonzalez is gone, apparently from a sudden heart attack in July of 2015 at the age of 67. So this is my belated personal tribute to his memory and his valiant effort at furthering the legacy of Dr. Kelley’s incredible method of curing cancer that made him a martyr of the Medical Mafia.

On Life Support But Still Alive

The good news is the Kelly-Gonzalez legacy of healing cancer with individualized nutrition, detox, and sophisticated cancer killing metabolic enzymes may be maintained by the budding Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation,  which intends to carry on with treatments in NYC and train others with his protocol.

Dr. Gonzalez never claimed his successful protocol for curing the worst cancers was his. He greatly respected the Texas dentist, William Donald Kelley, who cured his own pancreatic cancer, then many others who came to him by word of mouth.

Dr. Gonzalez dutifully studied Kelly’s clinical papers and wrote up a document that he had hoped would convince the Sloan Kettering Cancer Institute in NYC that Kelley’s method was an effective inexpensive approach to curing cancer that was highly effective and safe. That didn’t work out, of course.

So Dr. Gonzalez withdraw his involvement with Sloane Kettering and went on his own. He came upon funding from seemingly unlikely sources to run human trials from his clinic, seeking FDA approval.

That proved to be a mistake, as they set out to make his slightly perfected version of Dr. Kelly’s unworkable.

This three-pronged approach used powerful high-quality pancreatic enzymes to selectively eat up cancer cells, a special diet with high-quality supplements that conforms to each individual’s dietary profile, and coffee enemas to remove the toxic debris of dead cancer cells from the liver.

It requires a willing dedication and discipline to perform the daily coffee enemas and take the enzymes religiously while maintaining the individualized diet for that person.

The FDA trials conducted at Columbia University Medical School for this Kelley-Gonzalez protocol focused on individuals too sick and undisciplined or dedicated to following through his program. Basically, that Medical School did all they could to ensure it would not be approved as a cancer treatment.

Dr. Gonzalez realized his close associates, friends, and colleagues who had advised him to not attempt the normal protocol for FDA approval were right.

He had been stubborn and naive to expect the cancer industry to give a natural approach its blessing. Then Gonzalez wrote a book about that episode called What Went Wrong.

Within his practice, Dr. Gonzalez screened prospective patients to make sure they were motivated enough to carry out the protocol on their own under his or his clinical associate Dr. Linda Issacs’ supervision.

He refused medical “tire kickers” and those led by the nose from friends or relatives. They had to be there on their own and willing to follow through without distraction or using mainstream oncology methods.

Dr. Gonzalez drifted into the medical field after a successful stint in journalism in New York upon graduating from Brown University with honors.

He is the most articulate, candid, informative, and fast-talking doctor I’ve ever witnessed. He became interested in medicine as a result of covering medical issues while with Time Magazine in New York.

He studied medicine at Cornell in upstate New York so he could be available to intern at the prestigious Sloane-Kettering Cancer Institute in Manhattan.

There he heard about a Texas Dentist, William Kelley, who had devised a method for curing his own pancreatic cancer, considered incurable and lethal, almost instant death.

After successfully curing himself, others flocked to his small Texas office and he had a high rate of success. Young Nicholas requested he investigate the matter directly and with an open mind, and his Sloane-Kettering mentor gave him the green light.

So young Nicholas went to Texas and stayed with Dr. Kelley for several months, using his investigative journalist skills to verify with those he had healed to corroborate Kelley’s case study reports.

All of them had come to Kelley after standard oncology diagnosis’s of cancer and mainstream oncologists confirmed they were cancer free.

In the video linked below, Dr. Nicholas tells Ty Bollinger of the “Truth About Cancer” and “The Quest for Cures” his story completely with details of what really happened with Kelley’s celebrity patient Steve McQueen, an event that ultimately destroyed Dr. Kelley.

It was perhaps Dr. Gonzalez’s last and best interview of several. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post it directly for viewing. But you can access it with this link

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