The Chances You’ll Snap and Kill Someone, According to Your Zodiac

Ever have the urge to elicit an action as raw and carnal as the internal screaming you feel? Do you think that in moments you are about to become unhinged and reek havoc due to the implosion of seething rage erupting inside you? Or maybe you see red, and your agitation has escalated to Defcon 5 in mere seconds before you desolate the source.
Besides the obvious that anger management is in your future, the reason why you feel the way you do may lie in your zodiac sign. We all deal with anger differently, and our astrological stars may give you some insight on our killer instinct. Here’s how our zodiac signs most likely show how likely you are to going off the deep end and commit mass murder. It can also show how helpful we need to be to each constellation marker, so we don’t get inadvertently sniffed out on a moments notice.

Firstly, if you have strong feelings that may lead you to go feral, seek help immediately. Keeping in pent-up frustration is not healthy for anyone.

If you feel beyond riled up, calm thyself! Taking deep breaths for 15 seconds allows your mind to clear out any dark thoughts, and give you time to think before you speak.

Reflect on how you feel to express your angst accurately. Taking a breather also decelerates your heart rate and reduces your stress levels.

You are probably the least likely to go on a rampage. Your heart is pure, and the thought of harming anyone goes against your core being.”Cancers have huge hearts, and their empathetic nature is something of which they’re enormously proud. To get a Cancer to the point of actually killing someone would be impossible. That sort of unpredictability and volatility is not at all in their personality. Just randomly killing someone isn’t something a Cancer is capable of doing; they’re just too kind,” reports ThoughtCatalog.

Naturally creative, you would as soon find an artistic way to release your anger than to think of ways to inviscerate someone. Fortunately, this trait makes you useless with an arsenal of guns. Your weapon of choice is most likely a pen or a paintbrush. Your a killer with words since your tongue is your sword.

Calm, calculative and composed, your self-control is immeasurable. Impulsive behavior is not your forte, in fact, you think before you act in most cases. However, it does not mean you do not have a begrudging streak. People should still think twice before crossing you. You may still have thoughts of well thought out plans of vengeance against those who vex you.

The researcher at heart, you analyze every situation before you make a move. Of course, it goes without saying that spontaneously leveling someone is not your first thought, but how to do it. Your a fan of doing the job right the first time, so teaming up with Libra may not be a good thing for your enemies.

Intellect is your thing. You are astute and would know how to exact someone’s demise and not be held accountable. Losing control of the situation would irk you more than the actual offense received.

Oh yes, you are not the one to be reckoned with. Short-tempered coupled intolerance for disrespect, all should be wary of your lethal rage. For the unlucky ones that stand in your way, they most likely deserve it.


You definitely could go off the deep end on a bad day. Much like Taurus, your tolerance level is nil. What’s scarier is that you stealth mode status is legit. Even if you somehow get caught in the act, your cunning instincts can get you out of the situation easily.

You are even-keeled most of the time. Although you are not impulsive, you can lash out with a fury that makes your opponent shiver in their boots and the sudden spike.

The definition of wrath should include you as an obvious example. You are known to be the playful and fun-loving friend. However, like a light switch, your violent side can reign down a scornful, fiery rage almost to biblical proportions. One will rue the day the messed with you.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre could be in your favorite collection. Your thirst for blood is apparent. Those who trigger your ill-tempered trait can bet to pay for it, possibly with their life.

Although not the worst, it is an excellent idea not provoke this person. Much like the serial killer character in Dexter, it would take all but seconds to decide to find you, end your life, depose of the evidence and then forget your existence entirely without remorse or a second thought. Assassin status is real with this one.

Out of all of the signs, you are the worst person to anger. You give no warning of your incoming devastation. You are the Hulk incarnate, and the carnage you leave behind is staggering. Anyone in your path could be obliterated at a moments notice. You should probably consider a therapist as a best friend to keep you in check.

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