The Dark Side of Empathetic People That You Rarely See and Must Always Be Cautious Of!

There is a dark side to everyone, the dark side of an empath is definitely being overly drained from absorbing so much energy. Of course, this is not something people notice because the empath is great at keeping composure.

Empaths want to be loved and accepted for who they are just like everyone else does. It is sad that their generosity and kindheartedness is taken advantage of more often than it should be by the people in their lives. Sure, empaths are givers but they should not have to give everything. Those who take and never give ruin the empaths.

Empaths do not know that being so selfless is a burden because they will never see it as such. Ignoring their burdens and carrying on is just a way of life for them. They are far too strong for their own good and would lever let the weight of the world fall on anyone else’s shoulders. The dark side of an empath is not easily explainable and comes in lots of forms. It is knowing that you will be more than willing to neglect yourself for the sake of those you care about. It is forcing yourself to feel lost because you have nothing left to give.

It is never being capable of giving your all to one person and knowing that your passion is far too much to handle. It is constantly battling inside of yourself and keeping your guard up at all times. Being an empath is in way self-destructive. We are emotional and intense but also able to defy all odds when we need to. Empaths need to learn to let down their walls but that is something much easier said than done. Without this happening the war inside us can never be won.

Be cautious around empaths, not because they will hurt you but because they are often hurting themselves. They give too much and ask for too little. Sometimes you need to lend them a helping hand whether they think they need it or not.

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