The Dark Side Of Empathic People That You Rarely See

Empaths are the known healers of the world, Individuals who carry a heightened sense of the emotions and thoughts of the people they encounter.

As an empath, you understand the reasons and feelings behind why people do what they do, their most difficult inner struggles and their deepest seeded desires. You’re always there to help, and always armed with the ‘right’ advice in any situation. Those who are blessed to have you in their life rely on you, and trust you implicitly.

The life of an empath sounds like a beautiful fairy tale, where you are always able to save the day. Many believe that you live in a world of light, where nothing can go wrong, and you go about your life spreading that light to others.

What they don’t realize is the responsibilities that come with your gift.

Being an empath can be HARD. There are times where you will feel burnt out, worn down and overwhelmed. Sometimes you wish you could turn it off, even just for a little while.

Here are 4 different times that it is challenging to be an empath:

empath, struggles of an empath, life of an empath

  1. You take on the pain of others, even when you are struggling with your own.

 There are times that you are going to be facing your own struggles in life. Things will be hard, and, like everyone else, you will be doing your best to push forward. For an empath, this is then compounded by the pain of everyone else that you encounter.

You can never just focus on your own pain, as you are busy trying to help and heal the pain of those around you. They may not realize it, but while you are busy worrying about everyone else, you often feel alone as no one steps up to worry about you.

empath, struggles of an empath, life of an empath

  1. Empaths struggle with the concept of boundaries.

You are aware of the fact that people are dependent upon you, especially during their times of struggle, and you feel as though you are obligated to be there for them. This does not change if it is a situation that is unhealthy for you, or triggers you in any way.

Your lack of boundaries will cause you to often make major life decisions with others in mind, rather than simply focusing on yourself and what would be best for YOU in that moment. If you spend too much time focusing on the needs of others, you are likely to lose your own identity. It is important for you to find a stable balance, and create healthy boundaries in your life.

empath, struggles of an empath, life of an empath

  1. Your determination to ‘fix’ others often leads you to abusive relationships.

Your obligation and need to fix everyone you encounter causes you to see the best potential side of everyone. There are MANY articles written delving into the details of the toxic connection that is often drawn between the empath and the narcissist. This refers not only to romantic relationships, but also to those that you allow into your inner circle of friends.

While it is in your nature to reach out and help others to heal, it is important that you recognize that not everyone is going to be willing to take those steps, or capable of healing in the way that you believe that they should. Try to remain aware of the situation, and know when to walk away.

empath, struggles of an empath, life of an empath

  1. You are the great secret keepers of the world, even when you don’t wish to.

While some secrets are innocent and well intentioned, you are inevitably going to have your share of bigger, more dramatic secrets shared with you over the course of your life as an empath. Some of these secrets may even cross the line into topics you are not comfortable keeping quiet about, such as the betrayal of those that are close to you, however in your role as an empath you feel obligated to keep them under lock and key.

At times the secrets that you are keeping may not even be known to those you are keeping them for. Your deep understanding of the emotions and desires of others shares truths with you that they may not acknowledge. This web of emotions can be isolating, and not being able to talk about it only isolates you further. There will come times that it is healthier for you to distance yourself from someone whose secrets you are either unable or unwilling to keep. Know that it is OK to take that step for your own health.

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