The Deliberate Dumbing Down of ‘Amurrica’: The 7 Sneaky Ways They Are Making Us Az Dum As GrammCrackers


We are sheep.

You hear this sometimes when you’re talking to a friend who is deep into the Reddit world, or just simply enjoys reading alternative lit.  You shake it off most of the time but are reminded when you notice how many people in the checkout line are buying the same brands of food.  Coincidence?  Probably not.

There is something to be said for controlling the masses.  Religions and civilizations have found a multitude of different ways to go about it.  It always seems to come to what the upper echelons decided upon, though.  And whether the control comes down through manipulation, falsehoods, or distortions of the truth, it still trickles down the line to keep everyone below the top tier from “rocking the boat.”

Why would they do this?  To keep themselves at the top, guiding the populace in the direction they see fit.  Kings have done this.  Dictators, too.  But what does it look like in a society that seems to be more “free’?  How is everyone kept in line and made to serve that which those in charge would like to see come about?

According to Paul Philips at, there are 7 examples of how that is currently happening, and what can be done to stop it:

1.  An Increase in Toxicity

According to a Times article, we have seen a dramatic increase in the toxicity within our surrounding environment.  This rise has been linked to the lowering of IQ levels and the possible increase of autism and dyslexia.  This toxicity has its supposed origins in highly-flouridic water supply and is working in conjunction with drugging that has increased in children over the years.

With pollution, GMOs, vaccines, and various other chemically-based manipulators, we are facing an ever-growing mountain of future issues.  If it’s true that children will bring about an awakening and throw off the elite, then why not keep them ill and stupid?  It might look like a big leap, but there is evidence out there that supports it.

2.  Mind Altering Drugs Are Getting Scarier

It’s not only children that have been increasingly going under the influence of terrible drugs.  It’s adults, too, and the drugs they’re being given are increasing in their influence.  Not only that, but prescriptions are on the rise for all sorts of mental disorders…Of which we are seeing stronger, and scarier, variations.

Opiate addiction, for example, is becoming such a huge problem, that it is taking the lives of those adults who have become addicted to it at an alarming rate.  Not only that but those drugs that are supposed to be protecting people against their diseases and illnesses, are in fact making them worse off.  Take, for example, SSRIs.  These are the drugs that are used to help prevent mental imbalances.  They seem to be killing people, instead.

According to the  Journal of Psychopharmacology,  military personnel who have been on these SSRIs, have committed suicide at a rate of almost 247 out of 100,000.  By keeping the masses in check, through drugs and the controlling of disease, those in control are not allowing us to take control of our own lives.  We have the choice to not take the drugs that are given us and question the ones given to our loved ones.

3.  Speaking of Toxic…What’s Up With Our Food?

We’ve all wondered if the things we’re putting into our bodies are actually that good for us.  What if they really aren’t, and we’re being manipulated into eating things that are chock-full of toxins?  Well, that may just be true.

All the processing that goes into modern food adds unnatural chemicals.  With trans-fats, by-products, “natural” fillers, additives, and genetically modified components, most of what you buy in the supermarket is not actually “food.”  This has lead to a huge rise in obesity, lethargy, and overall ill-health.  It isn’t surprising, seeing as the elite would like us to not be fit enough to race up arms against them.

What is up with those GMO foods, though?  Essentially, they are designed to be able to sustain an immense use of pesticide use.  They are quite literally, drinking poison.  When that gets passed into our food, we are eating that poison as well.  Even crops that aren’t GMO, will be heavily affected by the run-off from GMO fields and can bring unwanted toxins into your breakfast cereal.

You can stop the onslaught of this by choosing to eat organic, whole foods.  Shopping for products that say Non-GMO, and free of pesticides is an excellent option.  Educate yourself by doing research online, and through scientific journals, to get a wide range of views on the topic.

4.  Going Back to Mental Disorders…

So what’s up with all that drugging for mental disorders?  Well, it looks like we’ve been diagnosing things from autism to depression on a monumental scale.  If more and more of us are “suffering” from something that only drugs can solve, then that’s a way to sell more drugs, right?

What’s so hard about this is that the guidelines that are laid out for how to diagnose a disorder are all mostly arbitrary.  There can be no really definitive “yes or no” when it comes to our minds.  Sometimes we feel this way, and sometimes we feel that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are that.

Sometimes, if a case is considered extreme enough, we may lose our rights to govern our own lives and be put into a home or have a “guardian” assigned.  Although possibly necessary in some cases, the very fact that it can happen is hotly contested. Having your basic rights stripped is the biggest reason that most fight against it, and that just may be a valid stance.

Once again, the way to get out from under the thumb of someone else is to educate yourself.  See what options are out there for you, if you’re feeling unwell.  Seek out what makes the most sense to you, and do some research on what doctors and psychologists offer to you as solutions.

5.  Speaking of Education:

The whole new overhaul of our education system that has switched everyone over to the “Common Core” way of teaching has placed a pretty heavy lid on what children can be expected to achieve.  Essentially a way to make everyone kind of fall onto a “middle path”, the Common Core is a way of education that looks upon every kid as if they learn the same.  It doesn’t address children of a high aptitude or of a lower one.

Not only that, but some schools are even implementing exams as young as elementary age in order to see if they’re up to snuff.  By doing so, it may be that educators, and the elite, are trying to cull the herd in order to diminish those sparks of creativity that children display.  If all kids are the same, then the possibility of controlling their minds is much higher.

What we can do is take charge of our children’s education.  We can determine if a school is actually doing a good job or not at teaching our young ones.  If not, then consider homeschooling, or unschooling as it were.  Make the choices that make the most sense to you.

6.  Freedom Of Speech!

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.” ~ Noam Chomsky

We were given the right to speak our minds in our Amendments.  It is quite literally the first one and was put there to ensure that all citizens had the opportunity to voice their concerns to the government.  Unfortunately, we have seen a steady decline in our ability to actually do so as a nation.

Going so far as to censor songs in school, political correctness has been the forerunner of this change.  By not allowing for things to be said (Baa Baa Happy Sheep instead of Black Sheep, or Veggie Monster instead of Cookie Monster), those in control of the media and our governments are trying to make the message all come out exactly how they want it.  Designing how we talk to each other, how we search the internet, and how we teach our children are all ways to keep everyone in control.

On the path of media, we are seeing more and more limits placed on the words we’re allowed to use, and how we say them when it comes to the social kind.  Twitter, Facebook, and Google have all implemented their own limitations on what’s acceptable to say or post.  If there are any things on your feed that speak towards being some sort of “anti-government” rabble, you’ll see what you put up immediately disappear.

With the rise in mass-media censorship as well, we’re seeing that our news outlets are showing more and more bias, as well as producing phony news.  We’re being convinced that things are happening when they aren’t, and then when they are, we’re seeing nothing about it.  This is hugely deceptive, and we’re being dumbed down so to make us more susceptible to manipulation because of it.

We can fight back, though.  We can stand up and say what we believe in is worthy.  We can not keep quiet, and gather together to fight against those things we see as wrong.  All it takes is going outside and spreading the word.

7.  Really, Though, Don’t Trust The Media

Although it may seem like we can trust it, mainstream media is not what we think it is.  It doesn’t want us looking at that which we should, and is constantly distracting us from “real news.”  In a quote from

“This country’s biggest misconception is the simple concept that a [news] viewer can be given two politically-charged options on television, of which both are openly and fiercely biased to their sponsors’ interests, and can then watch both these compromised sides and walk away fully informed. Deep down, most already know this to be a false security, yet do not want to admit it to themselves for fear that the admission would then cast doubt on their entire lifetime of commitment to, and acceptance of, this broken system.

“Most continue to participate in this façade because they are falsely led to believe that there are no other options; that this system is the pinnacle of thousands of years of development building toward a better system of democracy…”

If those in control can keep the public focused elsewhere, then they can advance their own agenda wherever they’d like.  It’s important to stay on top of the facts and check to make sure what you’re hearing is true.  Seek out the real story and don’t be afraid to question what you think you know.


All in all, it may seem like a terribly hard thing to go about living in this world without someone else pulling the strings.  It doesn’t have to be.  You have the ability to take back control of your own life.  You just have to believe you can and then go out there and do it.


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