The Eye You Choose Reveals A Secret Detail About Your Subconscious Mind

It’s commonly known that “the eyes are the window to the soul”. Both literally and figuratively, this rings true. What you see in a person’s eyes, and what you look for, reveals a lot about who you are as a person, as well.

Scientifically speaking, the function of the eye is to observe visual data of the world around you. This is filtered first through your subconscious — which is responsible for storing and retrieving the data you’ve collected. By the time it reaches your conscious awareness, all this incoming data has already been filtered to fit a program consistent with your self-concept.

When you scroll down to view the image below, choose the eye which is most immediately apparent to you — it’s the one that’s been chosen by your subconscious, before your conscious mind can begin to work.

1 . Spiritual Hunger

You’re feeling hungry, but not for physical food — you crave spiritual nourishment. This burning desire for connection with the universe is calling on you to find new experiences, and have new adventures. As you move on with your life, you must learn to forgive your past. Follow this passion, and you’ll feel alive!

2. You’ve Been Here Before

Akin to a “spiritual encyclopedia”, your many previous incarnations have prepared you as a storehouse of knowledge. Your life has been difficult, but not without its charms. Spread your knowledge wherever you go, and you’ll find yourself able to shine in your own life and the lives of others.

3. The Healer

Your aura shines brightly. The more naturally you can embrace this, the greater the possibilities of raising your natural vibration. This innate light will heal people — use it! Share your healing powers with the world, and spread your light everywhere you go.

4. The Philosopher

Able to penetrate deeply into the heart of matters, your mind is constantly abuzz with new ideas and projects. You may often feel lost, but the truth is you’re walking exactly the path laid out for you. There are no mistakes here — only life lessons. Trust yourself, and you’ll continue to move ahead with your own spiritual journey.

5. The Trickster

Aloof and unattainable, you’re an enigma wrapped in a mystery. You hide an awful lot of information from people, and are often seen as more attractive because of this. While you may not do this on purpose, it’s become a signature part of your life. You don’t need to be anybody but yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

6. The Old Soul

You’ve been here, many times before. You’ve seen things come and go, and no longer seek the same things that other people do. In this incarnation, though, you’re unsure of your purpose — and may lack self-confidence because of it. It’s time to find your own way, your own light. Work diligently, and you just may find what you seek.

7. The Night Owl

Darkness is home to you. Whether it’s the wee hours of the morning or the womb of a cave, the shadows are your friend. A natural-born illusionist, you only reveal what you know other people want to see. Don’t change — you’re doing exactly what you need to.

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