The first ‘Global’ ‘Flat Earth Conference’ just took place and hundreds of people attended

Hundreds of people attended the First International Flat Earth Conference held in the United States, and hundreds of people gathered there presenting their ideas as to why our planet is ‘FLAT’.

The first ‘Global’ ‘Flat Earth Conference’ just took place and hundreds of people attended

Hundreds of Americans gathered for the First International Flat Earth Conference in November 2017, in Raleigh, North Carolina in the United States.

The United States is one of the countries with the largest number of supporters of Flat Earth movement, despite the fact that it is also one of the few nations that have been able to send astronauts into space to corroborate the spherical shape of the earth.

How contradictory, right?

Approximately 400 people are thought to have attended the conference, flying from around the world to take part.  Tickets to attend ranged from $109 up to $249.

The attendees rejected that planet earth has a spherical shape, and assure that “it is the biggest fallacy created by Satan”.

Gravitation on Flat planet Earth. Image Credit: Shutterstock


Another one the many who attended the conference said that ‘she checked for herself that the Earth was flat after using a ruler and measuring the horizon’.

The First International Conference of the Flat Earth was composed of several presentations and exhibitions of products related to the theory that the earth is not really a spherical planet.

“It is horizontally infinite and at least 9,000 kilometers deep,” said John Davis, another theorist of this idea.

For his part, James McIntyre, members of the Flat Earth Society, has the idea that “the earth is, more or less, a disk of 24,900 miles in diameter,” and adds that “obviously not perfectly flat, due to geological phenomena such as valleys and mountains.”

McIntyre also said that the photos from space showing the circumference of the earth “are false”, and that “the world’s space agencies are involved in an international conspiracy to deceive the public in pursuit of vast profits.”

In a BBC video interview, one of the attendees said he just came to the conference to meet other like-minded people.

Some of the reasons why the attendees to the conference think the Earth is flat include:

– The Sun and the Moon move through the sky in a focused way, that is why they illuminate only certain parts of the flat earth.

– The earth gives the sensation that it is round because it is arranged in such a way that it simulates a group of concentric radii.  Furthermore, the horizon always appears perfectly flat – except in NASA and other space agency images, which are obviously faked (as part of the global conspiracy)

– When a plane flies, it flies completely horizontally, If the Earth was ’round’ planes would keep flying into space.

-Oh, here’s one of my favorite ones (lol) If our Earth was really spherical, helicopters would be able to hover in place and wait for their destinations to come to them. Savy?

The Flat Earth Conference also included a speech from prominent flat-Earther and YouTuber Mark Sargent who said: “I think we’re almost at the critical mass point. Science is gonna have to address this, plain and simple. They cannot dodge us forever.”

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