The Harsh Truth About Being An Over-Thinker With a Sensitive Heart

Over-thinkers are special souls who wear their heart on their sleeves. They have an anxious disposition and they beat themselves up for the littlest of things.

While it’s bad enough to have an overthinking brain, what’s worse is when it is clubbed with a sensitive disposition. Being an overthinking with a sensitive heart is hardly every a walk in the park.

Sensitive over-thinkers see the world in clear blacks and whites and for them there are no shades of grey. They either feel strongly about something, or don’t feel anything at all. It’s either love or hate, or ecstasy on one occasion and complete devastation on another.



Often they’re a little extra when it comes to sentiments. They’re a little too emotional, overanalysing, too nervous, and so on. Sometimes their extreme emotional range ends up making them slightly unlikeable.

Sensitive over-thinkers have an inner struggle and they often feel disconnected from their environment. They often thrive in solitude and when they’re isolated from their routine.

While they don’t really put themselves out there, they often crave love. Their heart may be full of hope, but it is fragile enough to break when they don’t get the love the seek. When they suffer from heartbreak, they often shut themselves from the world to give themselves enough time to heal and analyse what exactly went wrong to lead to this moment. They’re forever in search of answers — why me? Why now? Why at all? And so on.

They are sometimes deeply connected with the universe. But more often than not, they feel distant towards the environment they’re in. They often feel like the universe in conspiring against them and whatever they do they can never win.



When one questions everything and has a sensitive disposition, they often lose a lot of sleep over-thinking their worst fears and thoughts all at once. They’re prone to insomnia as a side effect of their brain constantly going into overdrive.

While there are disadvantages to being an overthinking sensitive soul, there are also certain pros. These people are creative, artistic, and unique in their own way. They may overthink everything, but they do have their own unique way of thinking about things.

They may be emotional, but their emotional intelligence is superior to the rest and they are sincere when it comes to family, friends, and relationships.


Source: Conciousreminder; Thinkinghumanity; Pixabay

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