The indecipherable message of the Shigir Idol—a statue 3 times as old as the Egyptian pyramids

The Shigir Idol is an ancient statue carved from larch discovered on January 24, 1894, at a depth of 4 meters in the peat bog of Shigir. At 11,000 years old, it is considered the oldest wooden statue ever discovered, it is covered with an indecipherable message three times as old as the Pyramids of Giza.

According to experts, this ancient time capsule has coded messages that talk about the creation of the world. It is covered with encrypted information that researchers have not decoded. It

Believed to be at least twice as old as the Pyramids of Egypt. Image credit: Constantin Voutsen

One of the most enigmatic statues ever discovered on Earth was discovered by gold miners in the Ural Mountains in 1890.

Carrying a coded message engraved on its surface—the Shigir Idol dates back a fascinating 11,000 years. Making it nearly three times as old as the Pyramids or Stonehenge.

The enigmatic wooden Idol was discovered by chance by gold miners in the Ural mountains in 1890- The mystery seven-faced idol currently is on display in the museum of Yekaterinburg. According to scientists, only one of the seven faces is three dimensional.

The Idol was dated to 11,000 years by two German scientists who studied the artifact in detail for years.

But no one has been able to understand nor decipher the message it carries. Furthermore, no one has been able to explain why the Shigir idol—which was supposedly carved by ancient man from the Mesolithic Age—looks the way it does, with an oval-shaped head, with seven faces, and why it was 5.3 meters originally tall. I mean it really is huge, and you gotta ask why? Why not build something smaller?

At a recent scientific conference in Yekaterinburg, involving international experts, Professor Mikhail Zhilin said the wooden statue, which originally stood 5.3 meters tall, was made of larch, with the basement and head carved using faceted silicon tools.

“The surface was polished with a fine-grained abrasive, after which the ornament was carved with a chisel,’ said the expert. At least three were used, and they had different blade widths,” reports the Siberian Times.

The Seven faces of the Shigr Idol

Experts concluded how the seven faces of the Idol were the “the last to be carved because apart from chisels,  some very interesting tools – made of halves of beaver lower jaws – were used.”

Professor Zhilin added that: “Beavers are created to carve trees. If you sharpen a beaver’s cutter teeth, you will get an excellent tool that is very convenient for carving concave surfaces.”

Scientists have discovered “tools” created from beaver jaw at a similar archaeological site called Beregovaya 2, which dates from the same period.

After studying the Shigir Idol. Experts believe the tool is consistent with the markings engraved on the surface of the Idol.

“For example when making holes more circular,” said Svetlana Panina, head of the archaeology department at Sverdlovsk Regional Local History Museum.

And while we may have found out with what the mystery marks were made on the surface of the Idol, we still have failed to understand the exact purpose of the Shigir Idol, the message it carries, and why it looks anything but what ancient man looked like 11,000 years ago.

The mysterious seven-faced Idol is on display in a glass sarcophagus in a museum in Yekaterinburg. Image Credit

What were the creators of the Idol trying to say? What message did ancient man carve 11,000 years ago on the surface of the Idol? And why did its creators decide to “compose” such a massive—5.3-meter-tall—Idol in the first place?

A side-view of the Shigir Idol. Image Credit

Professor Zhilin—who is a leading scientist at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Archaeology has previously expressed his ‘feeling of awe’ when studying the Idol, which is nearly three times as old as the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge in England.

“This is a true masterpiece, and it carries a massive emotional value and force,” he said. “It is one of the most unique sculpture ever found; there is nothing else in the entire world like this.  It is very alive, and very complicated at the same time. The entire statue is covered with nothing but encrypted information. People were passing on knowledge with the help of the Idol,” added Professor Zhilin.

Experts studying the Idol have unanimously concluded how the messages carved on the Idol remain an “an utter mystery to modern man.”

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