The Invisible Thread that Binds Two People who are Meant to Cross Paths

Ancient traditions hold that our destinies are intertwined, woven like threads on a grand tapestry of life. For each of the people we are meant to meet in our lives, each of the events we’re fated to experience, a string of fate connects us — unbreakable, no matter how tangled it may become.

In some circles, the color of this “String of Fate” is said to be red — signifying love, warmth, and expansion. In a legend associated with the String of Fate, it is said to be tied to our ankles by the gods, intending to help us remain connected to those people, places, and things that we’re meant to experience in our lifetimes.

Even when tangled or frayed, the string will not break. However, the more complicated that the path between you and who you are meant to meet becomes, the longer it takes to travel the length of that string. The video below has an interpretation of the Red String of Fate:

No matter the distance, and no matter the complications, fate binds us to those we are meant to experience. The next time that it seems as if life is turning against you, that nothing is working out right, take heart in this fact — no matter how complicated the road, it only ever leads where it is meant to.

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