The Most Evil Signs Of The Zodiac In Descending Order..

We all have a bit of evil in us. Some have a little more of it than others. And often our zodiac sign has something to do with it.

It’s not all positive fun and games in sun sign world. Every zodiac sign has a dark side. And some signs have a slightly higher tendency to be evil than the others.

To know where you stand on the evil spectrum here is a comprehensive list from most evil to least.

Are you cupid in the making or are you next in line to overthrow Satan himself? Find out now.


Sagittarius — Unaware of how evil they are

Sagittarians can be up there on the evil scale without ever knowing how evil they really are. Sagittarians like Steve Bannon and Ann Coulter personify the Sagittarius trait of being oblivious to one’s own negative intentions.

They are evil to the point of being dogmatic about their morality. And too blinded by it to see any other point of view. Heil Sagittarius!

Evil Scale — 12.0


Scorpio — Will leave you dead inside

Ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, power, and transformation, Scorpios thrive in power games. Often they simply play games to test your loyalty towards them.

They may be sensitive deep down, but on the outside, they’re little monsters who will not leave any stone unturned in getting revenge.

Evil Scale — 11.0


Gemini — Liars

Geminis have issues with ‘credibility’. They have a tough time giving the accurate truth and will always embellish it with additional information even if they don’t intend to.

For Geminis, the truth is mercurial. Their moods change according to the time of day and their reality and truth depend on their current mood. They aren’t downright super-villains, but their lack of self-awareness doesn’t make them too many friends either.

Evil Scale — 10.0


Capricorn — They’ll steal your job and take your money

They’ll enter your life and take you for everything you’re worth. They’re competitive to unhealthy levels and will outperform you till the day you lose respect for yourself.

What’s worse? You can’t even be mad at them. Because why should you be mad at someone who’s just trying to make an extra buck amidst cutthroat competition?

Evil Scale — 9.0


Cancer — Obsessively needy

There’s a reason why they share a name with a deadly disease. Cancers are obsessive and in constant need of love and attention.

And once they’ve identified you as a giver of unconditional love, they will go all out taking advantage of you.

Evil Scale — 8.0


Libra — They lawyer up

On good days, they’re thoughtful and kind. But if you manage to wrong them, they’ll straight up sue you for all you’re worth.

They don’t fight losing battles. But if they think strongly about something, they will fight tooth and nail to achieve victory.

Evil Scale — 7.0


Aquarius — Cold and calculating

They’re mostly detached and don’t really care about what other’s are up to. But when this trait is heightened and tipped over to the dark side, they can be self-absorbed, tactless, and even erratic.

They want to avoid unpleasantness as much as possible and they run from problems and mistakes. They will avoid responsibility and accountability like the plague and will gauge the situation and run the first opportunity they get.

Evil Scale — 6.0


Aries — Drama queens

They’re somewhat hotheaded. And they’ll leap into battle at first impulse.

They usually make their presence felt in any gathering. And if an Aries is uncharacteristically silent around you, they’re probably plotting murder. Beware!

Evil Scale — 5.0


Taurus — Rage blackouts

Taureans are known to have a calm disposition. But when you manage to get them hot enough to their high boiling point, they can destroy everything!

They are mostly patient, but when anger takes over, they’re a completely different person who’s blinded by excessive rage.

Evil Scale — 4.0


Leo — Excessive self-importance

They’ve essentially put themselves on a pedestal. And they refuse to get off of it.

They have an air of superiority about them and want everyone to bow down to their self-proclaimed awesomeness.

Evil Scale — 3.0


Pisces — Makes evil plans. Fails

They’ll make elaborate plans to destroy you. But they’re too lazy to successfully execute it to the end.

They’ll take advantage of you and plot your destruction. But their plans don’t move beyond the plotting stage.

Evil Scale — 2.0


Virgo — More emotionless than evil

While they’re not the most evil, they’re not little angels either. They’re majorly critical, but only in attempts to be helpful. Sometimes they don’t see the blurred line between critique and judgment.

They’re not bad people at their core. But they sure lack a sufficient amount of heart.

Evil Scale — 1.0


The author of this is a blood-sucking Capricorn writing this in record-time, trying to outperform everyone else!


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