The Shocking List of Diseases Caused by Microwaves, and You’ve Probably Ignored Them Your Whole Life

The history of microwaves—and microwave ovens—is both shocking and fascinating. In World War II, two scientists created the magnetron, which is a special tube which generates microwave power; when used in conjunction with British radar, microwaves could be utilized to detect Nazi planes and defend against bombings. Years later, Percy LeBaron Spencer (a member of the military industrial complex Raytheon Company) discovered that microwaves could be used to heat and cook food when active radar ended up melting a chocolate bar that he had in his pocket. After this, the very large Radar Range was invented—the first ever microwave oven.

Unfortunately, the odd military origins of microwave ovens may be legitimately foreboding; countless researchers do not believe they should be legal because of the dangers they pose to the human beings that use them. More specifically, microwave ovens operate at approximately 2.45 billion hertz, which isn’t hazardous—unless the appliance has or develops a leak. When you consider the fact that the frequency which is dangerous to human health is merely 10 hertz, it really makes you want to pray that your microwave is leak-free, and it may even compel you to keep your distance or leave the room entirely the next time you’re cooking popcorn for a movie night.

Specific side-effects of microwaves on humans.

#1: Weak immune system

#2: Increased susceptibility to falling ill

#3: Birth defects

#4: Cataracts

#5: Increased susceptibility to viral and bacterial infections

#6: Cancer

Specific side-effects of microwaves on food.

#1: Swiss scientist Hans Hertel proved that microwave ovens destroy nutrients

#2: Radiation deforms and destroys food molecules, which creates harmful radioactive compounds

1992 Search for Health study findings.

#1: Decreased hemoglobin which can lead to anemic-like conditions

#2: Spike in cholesterol

#3: Increased leukocytes, likely from cell damage and poisoning

#4: Decrease in white blood cells

#5: Structure of infant formulas damaged, components of amino acids altered: results in immunological abnormalities

#6: Breast milk deprived of 96% of antibodies

What’s more troubling, even if your microwave oven is properly sealed, you could still be exposed to hazardous levels of electromagnetic fields, or EMFs—which can enter the body and cause serious health issues. The EPA states that any levels above .5mG to 2.5mG of EMF could be detrimental to human health, and if an individual is only four inches away from a microwave while it’s on, they would be exposed to about 100 to 500Mg; even from three feet away humans are exposed to 1 to 25mG, so the ground around our microwaves could be far deadlier than any of us have ever imagined.

So if you can’t live without the use of your microwave, then at least limit your use of it—and keep your distance.




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