The Strongest Natural Painkiller That Grows Everywhere, Including Your Backyard

For thousands of years, people have used plants to heal themselves. Now we rely on nasty pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side-effects that make us more addicted and sicker than ever before!

Nowadays with countless drugs in the marketplace, we forget that we can cure almost any illness or injury with plant foods and herbal medicine. And in doing so, we avoid many of those nasty side-effects that come with ingesting pharmaceutical drugs.

One example is the wild lettuce (Lactuca Virosa). This plant grows across North America and England and kills pain naturally. The wild lettuce is a safer and equally effective painkiller alternative to remedies sold in pharmacies.

More on wild lettuce.

People have used wild lettuce as both a sedative and painkiller. Plus, the simple act of planting it in your garden could bring much more benefits than just killing the pain in your body. For example, wild lettuce could reduce insomnia and help to relax the body from anxiety and body spasms. It has the power to soothe the nervous system, loosen muscles, and helps with other issues like restlessness, insomnia, stress-induced indigestion, coughs (by relaxing the respiratory system), and even cramps. The easiest way to get it into your body so it can work its magic is by drinking it as a tea. Simple and enjoyable.

Wild lettuce can reduce many types of pains, such as menstrual cramps and general muscle pains. This plant has a numbing effect like opiates with the advantage of not being as addictive or dangerous. And because of that, this herb has also received the name opium lettuce. So consuming the leaves of this plant can safely reduce pain without the side effects of commercial drugs.

Ways to incorporate wild lettuce in your life.

It’s recommended to use dried leaves of wild lettuce to be able to receive the medical benefits from the plant. The ideal months to pluck the leaves are in July and August where the plant is at its best for harvesting. Some stores sell the dried leaves of wild lettuce and also in the form of a supplement in case you cannot find it in your yard.

This plant looks different depending on the season because it’s a biennial plant. For example, it may only have mature leaves, or it could have a yellow flower. It grows tall reaching up to 7 feet if left unattended.

There are no studies done to determine a safe dose of the herb. But it’s recommended to take 2-4ml tincture three times a day, or 1-2 teaspoons of the dried leaves as a tea. Steep the leaves in boiling water for 10-15 minutes to infuse the nutrients. Drink it three times a day.

You may notice some irritation if you apply the plant directly to your skin. So do a quick patch test before using the leaves as a topical remedy. Also, don’t use wild lettuce if you are pregnant, have an enlarged prostate, are allergic to ragweed and similar plants, have glaucoma, or are going into surgery.

Difference between natural remedies and painkillers.

The major difference between natural remedies and painkillers is that natural remedies help the body heal naturally, while painkillers only treat the symptoms and don’t help with the underlying issues. That why using plants can have more benefits than using painkillers.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine points out that herbs support the body to heal by addressing underlying issues and avoiding side effects. The body is a complicated system, and it needs all organs and tissues to work together to repair itself.

Therefore, you can use wild lettuce and any other herbs to address your illness holistically instead of ingesting harmful chemicals. We all know that painkillers are dangerous for our health. They come with a laundry list of possible side effects.

The wild opium (wild lettuce or L. Virosa) is not an opium or an opioid. However, it has similar effects to painkillers without making you addicted. The plant is an ethnobotanical. The effects of wild lettuce are mild for most people. But still, it’s not recommended to take a higher dose than recommended because you could experience adverse effects.


Ingesting painkillers for the rest of your life is not a smart solution. It is for big pharma, but it shouldn’t be for you. So it’s wise to minimise the intake of regular painkillers and search for a natural solution wherever possible. You could also couple wild lettuce with acupuncture devices to alleviate your pain even more.

Wild lettuce helps to improve the quality of your life by numbing pain without the dangerous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. And it also helps with many other aches and ailments we experience from time to time. So why not take a moment this weekend to try some for yourself, perhaps as a nice cup of tea. Maybe you’ll see amazing results and take it a step further by planting some in your backyard.

Have a moment? Why not watch this video about the benefits of wild lettuce:


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