The ‘Twin Flame’ Relationship Is about Karma

Karma and twin flames aren’t easy subjects to explain, but it’s vital to fully comprehend these things in order to maximize the degree of happiness and success that you experience in life. The idea of twin flames seems to originate from myths about the rising of masculine and feminine forces in order to create an ideal match of energy and generation. More specifically, tantric arts have been designed to help achieve this type of balance; personal relationships often have the potential for deeper soul connections than they ever end up achieving. The is a good description of root karma interaction: when we mingle with another entity who we have apparently mingled with before in a previous life (the connection is too intense and perfect to be explained in any other way). In many ways, karma is simply about energy and physics—and connections and soulfulness.

Whether karma is an extension of consciousness is still up for serious debate, but it cannot be denied that they are closely tied to each other somehow. Love and the soul share unique connections as well, and these connections are capable of lasting multiple lifetimes. This kind of energy is what can make locating twin flames and soul mates easier, so it’s easy to see why generating and maintaining good karma is vital in almost all aspects of life. Soul mates and twin flames are said to involve ancient karmas and continuous souls—as per the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and also the Tibetan Book of the Dead. More specifically, twin flames are related to human hearts, and yet a consciousness of minds must also be maintained in order to complete and hold spiritual connections and exchanges. Indeed, even though countless thoughts, words, and actions are imprinted on human souls—although the human beings themselves may not be aware of it—oftentimes it requires a uniquely-fitting twin flame or soulmate in order to unlock the wisdom’s potential.

When thinking about karma, it’s important to note that both your own actions and interactions influence it, and also that the actions and interactions of the Universe as a whole can greatly impact your karma. For example, in DNA there are two helix structures cleaved together for activation, and on an individual level, there are two (or more) karmas that must be cleaved together in order to activate the full potential of the individuals. A lot of it comes down to energy and balance, and a twin flame or soulmate is capable of tuning into you perfectly and instantaneously—to connect you more positively with both your self and your soul.


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