The Universe Is Holographic! Proof You Are Creating Everything You See.. And How To Use It To Your Advantage

It’s easy to blame other people for the life or the circumstances you are experiencing, but let’s have a candid talk. YOU are creating your reality.

This is good news and bad news.

The good news is that everything that is loving and prosperous, and joyful, and supportive of nature that is in your life was created by your own thoughts and actions. You’ve literally put that “vibe” out into the ethers (or more specifically, according to quantum physics, you’ve impressed upon the holographic field.)

The holographic universe, an idea first suggested in the 1990s, is one where all the information, which makes up our 3D ‘reality’ (plus time) is contained in a 2D surface on its boundaries.

Professor Kostas Skenderis of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton explains:

“Imagine that everything you see, feel and hear in three dimensions (and your perception of time) in fact emanates from a flat two-dimensional field. The idea is similar to that of ordinary holograms where a three-dimensional image is encoded in a two-dimensional surface, such as in the hologram on a credit card. However, this time, the entire universe is encoded!”

So – that good stuff – you’ve encoded it into your experience of the hologram – but here’s the part that’s harder to swallow.

The not so fun stuff, like violence or anger, or racism, or lack – these all come from our collective choices too. So what you “code” into the field is considered with what everyone else “codes” into the field, and it all comes back to us as a three-dimensional experience of material reality.

There is a single caveat. We’re all creating this experience together. So sometimes what you desire is going to conflict with what someone else desires, and the Universal intelligence will choose through an inexplicably complex method, which desire to make material reality.

Always though, the world is a neutral reflection of what most of us are thinking and feeling – not just what we tell ourselves we are thinking and feeling, but our true, deeply unconscious and subconscious beliefs – will come out in the wash right before our eyes.

So, before you feel sad that you are depressed or broke, or you rant and rave about the asshole in traffic in front of you who keeps putting on his brakes, or the crazy shooters that keep killing people in false-flag events around the globe – ask yourself what they are reflecting in you.

Are you always kind? Are you always without violence – not just in your actions, but even in your thoughts and smaller deeds? Are you actively creating love, peace, and joy so that the entire world can ascend out of the cabal-dominated reality which we are currently experiencing?

If the answer is no – that’s o.k. Our 3-D reality is always, constantly being re-coded with new information. As we learn to look at our shadow-selves, and get real about our own stuff, we’ll be able to create a better 3-D experience, and even graduate to higher levels of experience like 5-D.

You’ve got the power to create whatever you want – and together we can shift the current reality.

Ascended masters through the ages understood this law very well – that’s why they were able to affect the material world so profoundly, and seemingly ignore other phenomenon like gravity or space/time.

Don’t forget that all the chaos out there is only reflecting the inner chaos within us. It’s pointing out our deep subconscious archetypal faults which need to be addressed.   We’re getting closer to a better reality, though. More and more of us are willing to do what it takes to shift our collective consciousness. And isn’t that wonderful!

See the video below for a more in-depth explanation of the unified field:

Featured Image: The Matrix

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