There Are 3 Inner Causes For Most Of Our Diseases According To Shamans

Shamans are real men and women who reach states of higher consciousness. In doing so, they are able to perceive and communicate in ways that are not possible under normal conditions. This allows them to view what they believe to be the root cause of virtually all illnesses.

shaman, shamanism, causes of disease

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a practice in which an individual is empowered to reach altered states of consciousness, allowing them to perceive the spirit world, and channel energies into this world. They live in a state of heightened awareness. To channel this awareness, they will often enter into a trance like state when they are practicing the rituals of healing and divination. It is believed that they not only have access to the spiritual world, but also a level of influence.

There is a clear distinction between the ‘medicine of the body’ and the ‘medicine of the spirit’ in the training of the Shaman. They accept that both sides of medicine are required at different times in order to maintain proper health of the body, mind and soul.

For example, if a man were to return home from battle with an arrow in his foot, a Shaman would first know to focus on the immediate physical concerns, such as preventing infection and stopping the bleeding.  They have a great deal of knowledge on how to promote healing in these situations.

shaman, shamanism, causes of disease

While the Shaman acknowledge that there are injuries of the body, such as bruises, wounds, cuts and broken bones, they see situations involving more serious, internal diseases in a different way. They view diseases like cancer, heart disease, hepatitis and multiple sclerosis as effects, and treating them with modern medicine would only treat the effects and not the root cause.

What do the Shaman believe are the 3 main root causes of disease?

A shaman believes that the cause behind disease is to be found within the imaginal realms, the realms from which the illness draws its power to affect us. Treating the illness on the physical plane with mediation will not accomplish true healing, as the cause will remain. These causes are negative internal statues, created as a response to traumatic or negative life experiences.

  1. Disharmony

When we lose an important connection to life, or an understanding of the meaning of life, we experience a state of disharmony. Take, for example, an elderly couple. They live a long, happy marriage together, when suddenly one of them passes away. The survivor may go into a state of crisis, and within a short time of their spouse’s passing they are then diagnosed with a medical condition, such as cancer, passing away only a short time after their spouse.

Disharmony can be felt in response to many situations in life, such as losing your job, the loss of a loved one or any other situation which shakes up your life, causing you to feel like you are losing power. This in turn impacts our internal energetic matrix, which leaves us vulnerable to disease.

  1. Fear

Fear diminishes the ability of the immune system, meaning that someone who is operating in chronic fear is extremely vulnerable to disease. While a smaller level of fear is healthy, protecting you from danger, it is when it becomes overpowering, dominating your life, that it becomes a negative force.

Fear and disharmony are often interconnected. Fear and anxiety in your life produces disharmony. On the other side of the equation disharmony generates fear. When these two are working together, it doubly impacts the body’s immune system and energetic matrix, meaning that illness is inevitable. Paracelsus, a renaissance physician, was quoted almost 500 years ago saying, “The fear of disease is more dangerous than the disease itself.”

  1. Soul Loss

Of the 3 main root causes, Shaman’s believe that soul loss is the most dangerous. The concept of soul loss implies that a person has suffered a serious wound to their inner heart. This inner heart is a person’s essence, the basis of who and what they are. A wound, causing soul loss, is the result of fragmentation of this essence.

shaman, shamanism, causes of disease

There are countless potential causes of soul loss, such as a bitter divorce, rape or assault, a traumatic car accident, or a serious injury. Soldiers who have gone to war run a high risk of returning having suffered terrible soul loss. Labelled by modern medicine as post-traumatic stress disorder, they are deeply traumatized at the soul level by the events that occurred while at war.

What are the symptoms of soul loss?

Soul loss is easy to recognize if you are aware of the signs. Here is a checklist of some of the more classic signs and symptoms:

  • An inability to make decisions
  • Emotional remoteness
  • A lack of joy
  • Chronic negativity
  • A failure to thrive
  • Feelings of being fragmented, or not being all here
  • Addictions
  • An inability to feel love, or to receive love from another
  • A lack of initiative or enthusiasm
  • Blocked memory, inability to remember parts of one’s life
  • Melancholy or Despair
  • Chronic Depression
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • An inability to discriminate
  • A sudden onset of apathy or listlessness

What can we do to fix the problem?

The most important problem to focus on is the loss of power to protect oneself from the intrusion. This could be intrusion from a virus, or from negative thoughts. The second most important problem is the inability to get rid of said intruders once they are present.

shaman, shamanism, causes of disease

The best way to fix these 2 problems is to view the negative thoughts in the same way that you would view an arrow. You need to recognized, and acknowledge, that they do not belong there, and gently remove them from your body.

Shaman believe that to bring about healing of the 3 main root causes, you must find your 3 inner cures.

Find your own balance, find your own courage, and find your own truth.

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