There Are 8 Kinds of Souls. Which One Are You?

Each of us have our own unique roles, and as we better learn ourselves, we can better come to understand what that role might be. For some of us, though, understanding the archetypal soul we share the most in common with might, however, be a good place to start.

Some say that these archetypes are the main types of souls found on earth. Whether or not you agree with that, of course, is up to you, but even just familiarizing yourself with these eight archetypes can help you better understand where your own strengths and weaknesses lie.

1) The King

Those of us sharing the king archetypal soul are born leaders. We have strong personalities, and our tendency toward natural assertiveness may rub some people the wrong way. When it comes to recognizing other king souls, the truth can be found in their eyes, and the focus contained therein. King souls are often perfectionists, and can be incredibly demanding to work for or with.

2) The Priest

Those of us sharing the priest archetypal soul are born motivators, and are best when helping others find their success and inspiration. Priest souls need to be careful, however, as this can invite pride, ego, and even narcissism into their lives if they aren’t careful.

3) The Scholar

Scholar archetypal souls are naturally curious, prone to high intelligence, and drawn to solving mysteries and riddles. They are naturally unable to leave things alone, and this thirst for new knowledge combined with the knowledge they’ve already gained can sometimes come off as arrogant, but that isn’t them. They just may have difficulties with modesty. Regardless, they go out of their way to avoid conflict.

4) The Sage

Those of us sharing the sage archetypal soul are natural-born entertainers, jokers, and the life of the party. Sage souls hide wisdom behind their charm, and while it can be difficult to get them to be serious, they know more than they let on. Often, a deep sadness about the state of the world may be at least in part the reason for their constant joking.

5) The Artisan

Creative and expressive, those of us with artisan archetype souls cannot help but produce art. Originality comes naturally to artisans, and this can sometimes lead to conflicts, as they aren’t always the best at recognizing how much more difficult things can be for others not blessed with their originality.

6) The Warrior

Those of us with the warrior archetypal soul are all about finding challenges, fighting through them, and overcoming them. Warrior souls are goal-driven, and often struggle with impatience with others not similarly driven. They may also have a temper, and while when that rage fuels them it can be a good thing, it can also lead them into trouble.

7) The Server

Natural caretakers, those of us with the server archetypal soul cannot help but help wherever we see the opportunity to do so. This can lead to server souls getting overwhelmed or burnt out, so the biggest challenge for them can often be learning how to step back and say no occasionally.

8) The Shaman

Those of us with the shaman archetypal soul have old, wise souls. Unlike the sage, however, they don’t run away from that wisdom, but instead offer it freely. Shaman souls can sometimes come off as know-it-alls, but most of the time they are modest and kind.



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