These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Biggest Attention Seekers

Astrology is an amazing idea. Our zodiac sign can tell us a lot about who we are individual. What’s your zodiac sign?

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about who you are – physically and spiritually. We carry certain traits that we share with our other zodiac brothers and sisters. One of the most prominent traits that zodiac signs tend to share is being the attention seekers. If you like to have the spotlight on you, you know how exciting it can be to have everyone focused in on what you’re saying.

These zodiacs are the extroverts of the family. They love to go out and be with their friends, making a joke, and having everyone laugh at it. It’s their favorite time of the day. When everyone is not paying attention to them they get super antsy, bored, and discontented. They have a hard time listening to others because of all the wisdom they already have. They very commonly know it alls too, but don’t let their ego fool you; they are all about being correct, so they do their research.

These are the most Attention Seeking Zodiac Signs  


Leo is definitely an attention seeker. They are very funny individuals and they’ll have you laughing at their jokes in no time. They are excellent friends and care very much about the opinions of their loved ones – which is ideally also a curse. Whether you see it or not, your Leo friends are always striving to improve your thoughts of them.


Gemini loves to have the attention. If you are paying attention to anyone else besides Gemini, they will become greatly frustrated. They are prone to get your attention back in one way or the other; the easy way or the hard way. They are very prone to tantrums.



The god of war is known for making his presence known, and his zodiac cousins are the same way. If you make them angry they will unleash a fiery wrath upon you – and it will not be good. I would strongly recommend to avoiding making an Aries angry. They will make the scene of a lifetime, and oh boy, will they get their attention.



Scorpio can either be aggressive or assertive. Either way, they are sure to get their point across. They are genuinely happy people and along well with their friends. However, if something bad happens to them it can often be perceived as the end of the world – to them anyways. They are sure to tell you over and over again how bad it was and how much they were inconvenienced by life.



This zodiac sign is very adventurous. They are sure to attract all the buzz with their awesome get-togethers, parties, and excitement. They live very active lives and they are sure to let everyone know about it too. Possibly the biggest attention seeker of them all, Sagittarius is so good at getting the attention it appears they don’t even do anything to get it. They simply radiate popularity.

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